New members are being accepted at Woodstock Shared Kitchen, according to owner Maureen Penniman

Maureen Penniman’s Woodstock Shared Kitchen serves producers of small-batch , specialty food products.

The ‘hot line’ at Maureen Penniman’s Woodstock Shared Kitchen is available to members including three-compartment sinks, commercial mixers, walk-in and free-standing refrigerators and freezers, smallwares and more.

Woodstock Shared Kitchen accepting new members in fully equipped food production facility certified by GA Dept of Agriculture for small-batch, specialty food

These companies now have Woodstock Shared Kitchen in our local community where they can safely and legally produce quality food products. We’re here to help them succeed.”
— Maureen Penniman

WOODSTOCK, GA, USA, November 9, 2021 / — The Woodstock Shared Kitchen, a fully equipped food production facility certified by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, is currently accepting additional members to help meet the recent surge in local demand for production of small-batch, specialty food products.

“More people than ever are producing food products for sale, but they are not familiar with Georgia’s regulations concerning in-home food production,” said chef and owner Maureen Penniman. “Georgia’s Cottage Law allows some items to be legally made from home, but the home kitchen must be certified to be safe and legal.”

Penniman explained that when these small companies outgrow home kitchens and need bigger space, professional equipment, and certification to sell openly to a larger customer group, a commercial kitchen facility is needed.

“Often, these kitchens are not available,” she said. “These companies now have Woodstock Shared Kitchen in our local community where they can safely and legally produce quality food products. We’re here to help them succeed.”

Penniman’s shared kitchen at 6687 Bells Ferry Rd in Woodstock, GA is open for use by members 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Members agree to use the kitchen a minimum of 10 hours per month and reserve time as needed.

“At the Woodstock Shared Kitchen in Cherokee County, we have a wide range of first-rate, well-maintained equipment and appliances available for members’ unlimited use including several commercial ovens, two- and three-compartment sinks and hand sinks, industrial-sized mixers, walk-in and free-standing refrigerators and freezers, as well as all kinds of small cookware,” said Penniman. “Additionally, we have required cleaning and sanitation supplies, as well as a washer and dryer for towels and aprons. All we ask is that members leave the space as they found it when they are finished.

“Our members produce their foods here, including preparation, packaging, and storage. They can also ship from here, if that’s part of their business,” said Penniman. “They can sell their products at farmer’s markets, directly to customers, online, through ‘pop-up’ stores and ‘food-to-go’ services. Optionally, they may also sell their products in our on-premise retail store, Prepared Foods by BeesKnees, or through our website at” she said.

Current members produce and sell a wide variety of food products at the kitchen including dips and spreads, cookies and cakes, pizzas, spice and tea blends, charcuterie, barbecue, hot pepper sauces, appetizers, casseroles, elderberry syrup, beverage mixes, pickled peppers and more.

Professionally trained Chef Penniman has been at her current location for 13 years. Her prior location for 12 years was in Cobb County, named Catered Tastes and The Collective Kitchen.

“In addition to everything the Woodstock Shared Kitchen offers, my 25 years of experience as a chef, businesswoman, and entrepreneurial coach are available to members, as well. I help new members easily step through the certification process and provide additional product and production support as requested,” Penniman said.

The Woodstock Shared Kitchen is one of several businesses run out of the Bells Ferry location by Penniman under the “Go Girl Properties, LLC” banner, including doing business nationally as CuisinebyMaureen on and Prepared Foods by BeesKnees, serving Woodstock and surrounding communities with fresh and frozen take-home meals. Penniman also teaches cooking classes for children, special-needs adults and others at the Cherokee County Recreation Center in Woodstock. In addition, she works with non-profit organizations who use her kitchen to produce and package their products.

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