Introducing the Learn-to-Win Model: A New Frontier in Human Optimization by LiL.

In an Exciting Development for the World of Online Learning and Personal Development, Learn It Live (LiL) Introduces the Learn-to-Win Model

Our Learn-to-Win model transforms the journey of self-improvement into an adventure, blending personal growth with the immediate satisfaction of achievement.”
— Sidney Slover

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, February 15, 2024 / — In a revolutionary leap forward in personal development, Learn It Live (LiL) is thrilled to unveil its Learn-to-Win model, a novel approach that sets a new standard in the personal growth arena by blending the thrill of winning with enriching learning experiences. This initiative marks a significant milestone in fostering a user-centric path towards human optimization.

A Revolutionary Approach to Personal Development

LiL stands at the vanguard of a paradigm shift in human optimization. “Our Learn-to-Win model transforms the journey of self-improvement into an adventure, blending personal growth with the immediate satisfaction of winning,” states Sidney Slover, co-founder and President of Learn It Live. This strategy is a clear indication of LiL’s dedication to revolutionizing the learning and self-improvement journey, focusing on a more interactive and gratifying experience.

Tackling the Challenge of Sustaining Learning Journeys

The journey of self-improvement often sees early termination. According to research highlighted by Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University, only 9% of Americans who set New Year’s resolutions fulfill them. Alarmingly, 23% give up on their resolutions by the end of the first week, and 43% quit by the end of January ( These statistics underscore the significant barriers to maintaining motivation and commitment in personal development. LiL’s Learn-to-Win model directly addresses these challenges by gamifying the learning process, thereby sustaining engagement and fostering a sense of achievement among users.

An Engaging Blend of Learning and Winning

LiL uniquely combines educational content with the excitement of winning, offering live classes, recorded courses, and daily quizzes across more than 100 topic areas, complemented by rewards ranging from spa days and cash to electronics and Tiffany jewelry. This approach ensures users remain continuously motivated, engaged, and rewarded throughout their learning journey. Success stories, such as that of P. Ganesa who exclaimed, “I was so excited to win! I absolutely love it! Thank you for all you do to promote Wellness,” showcase the impact of the platform.

Envisioning a Future with LiL

Imagine a future where learning and winning are seamlessly integrated, making every step in the self-improvement journey an engaging and exhilarating experience. LiL is committed to broadening its offerings, including expanding its course library to more than its current 20,000 options, and introducing larger prizes, such as luxury vacations or even a $1,000,000 grand prize, to promote personal growth. Alongside, new features like the Daily Quiz are continuously developed to make learning a captivating journey filled with community support and rewarding challenges.

About Learn It Live (LiL)

Since its inception in 2009, Learn It Live (LiL) has been a pioneer in breaking down the traditional barriers to expert knowledge, offering an extensive library of over 20,000 courses and contributions from more than 5,000 experts. LiL’s groundbreaking Learn-to-Win model marries practical learning with the thrill of success, ensuring every step of the self-improvement journey is engaging, impactful, and memorable. By leveraging advanced AI technology to offer courses in 25 languages, LiL overcomes geographical and linguistic barriers, creating a vibrant, inclusive community where progress and achievement know no bounds.

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