Winchester 7 & the Runners – Heart of the Golden Mystics

International alternatives Winchester 7 & the Runners, known for powerful songwriting and fusion of rock and ukulele, deliver ‘Heart Of The Golden Mystics’.

“Heart of the Golden Mystics” takes our work in a new direction. Remaining varied in musical influence, the album puts a murder mystery to music where we know the killer from the start. Or do we?”
— Winchester 7

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2022 / — International alternatives Winchester 7 & the Runners, known for their powerful songwriting and unique fusion of rock and ukulele, deliver the long-awaited and beautifully uplifting album ‘Heart Of The Golden Mystics’.

Seven songs make up the project, the ever-engaging writing style of the band shining brightly throughout an impressively eclectic collection.

Featuring unforgettable songwriting journeys like ‘The Saint Simon Killer Returns’, the EP celebrates the band’s distinctive set-up and storytelling, with a superb blending of melody and production strength that ultimately raises the bar further still.

Many arrangements have the feel of a full-rock, arena-ready band, with a choir of voices and a clear degree of passion driving things in the right direction. The single ‘Your House Of Cards’ acts as a worthy example, simple and striking in its anthemic color and groove. Elsewhere we get plenty of classic ukulele softness, with reflective thinkers such as ‘Her Double Life’.

Songs like ‘The Sum Of Our Mistakes’ and ‘Miss Merry’s Memoriam’ achieve a fine balance between the two extremes, with devotion and heart at their core, and the former a dreamy, almost shoe-gaze exterior; creating a real feeling of escapism as the electric ukulele and synths cascade.

Also included as a bonus track is a cover of New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, which compliments the EP as a whole in reaching a defiant peak, wrapping things up whilst elevating the near-euphoric sound of a committed rock band on an unrivaled high.

Backed by an extensive set-list, and prior releases including 2020’s stand-out single ‘In the Morning Light’ and last December’s EP ‘Catacomb Songs’, Winchester 7 & the Runners stand tall on the presence and poetic contemplation of their writing. They embrace listeners with the wholly organic, stage-show-ready sound of a band who live to create.

Releasing December 22, 2022, ‘Heart Of The Golden Mystics’ is a nostalgically diverse and purposeful EP, with a mighty amount of hooks, riffs and wonder to escape into.

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