You Got This, Momma- A Tribute to New and Expecting Moms

STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2022 / — The birth of a baby is an exciting, joyful time, but for many new moms it’s also a time of physical and mental transformation. You hear a lot about the physical recovery, the lack of sleep, the risk of depression or anxiety. Yet many new moms still feel woefully unprepared for the feelings of self-doubt, fear, and loss of self.

Ashley King knows firsthand how trying and isolating those final months of pregnancy and first months after birth can be. As a first-time mom at the age of 37, Ashley quickly realized that no amount of reading, researching or medical advice could have prepared her for the emotional and mental transition into motherhood.

That is why the writer and self-publishing strategist took action, to present a real and unfiltered look at the postpartum experience. Ashley’s picture book, “You Got This, Momma,” is a beautiful tribute to new and expecting mothers. It pairs raw, black and white, emotional images of motherhood with sound advice and words of comfort, to let moms know they are not alone.

Ashley is available for remote or in-person interviews to discuss things like:

– Her personal experience as a first-time mom
– The motivation behind this book
– Why emotional and mental support is so important for pregnant and postpartum women
– The power of photography and vulnerability in conveying emotions
– How to gift a copy to a friend or loved one

The book is also available in Spanish. For media inquiries or journalists looking for a copy of the book, contact:

Ashley M. King
Get It Done Publishing
+1 404-480-0402
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