Wayne Johnson, Republican Candidate for the 2nd District serving Middle and Southwest Georgia

Wayne Johnson, Republican Candidate for the 2nd District serving Middle and Southwest Georgia

MACON, GA, USA, May 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As candidates are crisscrossing their respective territories, Wayne Johnson made a stop at the Thomasville Times-Enterprise for an interview. There were two main take-aways for the reporter.

Thomasville Times-Enterprise Article

First and foremost was Wayne’s commitment and life experience of solving problems and bringing that to serve the people of the 2nd District. The second was the contrast between Wayne and another candidate, Jeremy Hunt.

As I read that article, I decided that it was time for me to also share a few thoughts in the closing days of this race. As a matter of full disclosure and transparency, I am on Wayne Johnson’s team and I am compensated.

What I write in the Note from Don Cole is not directed by the campaign but what I choose to write about what is on my mind. As is always the case in a political campaign my readers support different candidates. So here are a few thoughts regarding Wayne and Jeremy Hunt.


Both Wayne Johnson and Jeremy Hunt share the same core Christian values. Both are pro-life. Wayne has personal experience of helping a single mother in her decision to carry her child when there was pressure from others for her to abort the child. He is proud of being part of that support and he stands strong for life.

Wayne is a strong 2nd Amendment supporter. Wayne will probably personally own more guns than any member of congress when he is sworn in. He will show you his Georgia carry permit at the drop of a hat.

Life Experience

When it comes to experience, Wayne Johnson stands head and shoulders above any other candidate in the race. Wayne has created thousands of jobs in the private sector. He knows what it is like to sign the front of a check and to do without a paycheck in order to pay others.

I do not discount Jeremy’s service at West Point and four years on active duty reaching the rank of Captain. Wayne went through college on an ROTC scholarship and also served four years on active duty as a Captain. He had the opportunity to serve on the staff of Norman Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell.


There is one significant point here to make. Wayne Johnson served in the Trump administration in a significant role. Some ask Wayne if he is endorsed by Trump. While Trump has made no endorsement in this race, Wayne makes the point that he was vetted and hired by the Trump administration.

I do not know if Jeremy has been asked about Trump’s endorsement. I have noticed that he never makes mention of President Trump or, more importantly, the policies that brought such an economic resurgence.

It would seem that in a Republican primary, a candidate for congress would at least acknowledge and give credit to President Trump for his leadership. After all, it is quite possible that in the 2024 election, President Trump may be at the head of the ticket for the Republican party.

Ready to Lead from Day One

The key contrast that I see in the two candidates is the ability to serve the people of the 2nd District immediately. Wayne knows his way around and knows the ins and outs of dealing with executive branch agencies who will be the ones to implement policy – and the ones who can pull the strings to solve problems on behalf of a congressman.

When Republicans win and take control of the House and Senate, the question will be about what our new congressman will do beginning on day one. Wayne Johnson has the experience and readiness to serve immediately.

For the 2nd District voter, I heartily endorse Wayne Johnson. As the reporter in the Thomasville Times-Enterprise concluded, Wayne Johnson is a problem solver.


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