Ja’Don Johnson, has been awarded the title of Virtual CFO Of The Year In Atlanta GA by GoalSetters International.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — LUXE Financial Consultancy’s founder, Ja’Don Johnson, has been awarded the title of Virtual CFO Of The Year In Atlanta GA by GoalSetters International. This prestigious recognition celebrates Johnson’s innovative approach to accounting, tax preparation, and virtual CFO services, along with her commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience.

Johnson’s dedication to her craft has led to the differentiation of her company from others in the industry, particularly through her efforts as a Lifestyle Accountant. She has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor to her clients, thanks to her qualities of integrity, honesty, active listening, empathy, willingness to learn and understand, perseverance, and hard work.

Kendra Anderson, a colleague of Johnson, notes that her passion for educating herself on the accounting and tax industry is an asset in her role as an advisor to business owners in several industries. Anderson praises Johnson for being more than just a “service provider,” further highlighting her dedication to providing exceptional financial consultancy services.

LUXE Financial Consultancy’s range of services has helped establish it as a leader in the industry. The company provides Virtual CFO services, Accounting services, and Tax Services.

The journey to success has not been without its challenges for Johnson. However, her determination to succeed and educate her clients on the financial health of their businesses has resulted in the rapid growth of her business. Ki Gaines, the brand manager of Ja’Don Johnson, shares that “Within six months, Johnson had four accountants and several tax prep clients, and by the one-year mark, she was no longer accepting clients.” This success is a testament to Johnson’s unwavering commitment to her clients and the financial success of their businesses.

The Virtual CFO Of The Year In Atlanta GA is a fitting title for Ja’Don Johnson, and GoalSetters International celebrates her achievements in the industry. The award is a testament to her commitment to excellence and dedication to providing financial consultancy services that are second to none.

For more information on LUXE Financial Consultancy, visit their website or contact Ja’Don Johnson directly. https://luxefc.com/

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