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Educators, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, and Psychologists are Dedicated to Accessible Health and well-being for all

We’re Building Health and Wealth Using the Group Economics Model”
— Monnique Milliner

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, September 12, 2022 / — Best Cannabis Group (BCG Ltd) is a small group of ordinary committed people from all walks of life – educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and a psychologist; dedicated to accessible health and wellbeing for all. While individually we may lack the resources to gain a stake in the already booming cannabis industry, together we can prosper. Using the Group Economics model our vision is to create generational wealth, making the healing benefits of cannabis available to all through nutraceuticals.

The US reports that cannabis contributed $92 billion to the economy in 2021, up nearly 30% from the previous year. According to MJBizDaily Facebook, this figure is predicted to rise to upwards of $160 billion by 2025. The current legal status of cannabis in the UK states that specialist doctors can prescribe cannabis for certain medical conditions. It is anticipated that the UK will soon follow the US model for cannabis legalization and enjoy similar economic growth to that seen in the US.

BCG’s mission is to serve as a leading producer of cannabis-based products for medicinal use, to spearhead and catapult the global cannabis market by providing the highest quality products from the nutrient-rich soil of Jamaica, curing many of the physical and psychological ailments that pose substantial health risks globally. Our vision will be realized through employing, educating, and training local growers and partnering with researchers to enhance our product using innovative, environmentally friendly practices. In this way extending the benefits of our business to underserved communities by providing career and business ownership opportunities.

“We’re Building Health and Wealth Using the Group Economics Model” – Monnique Milliner Founder and CEO of BCG Ltd

BCG has secured land to cultivate cannabis plants in Jamaica, where it is legal to grow and distribute under license. Unlike most foreign investors, a percentage of BCG profits will go back to local communities. Not only will BCG invest financially in the people and land of Jamaica by returning a percentage of profits and creating employment opportunities, but BCG also hopes to alleviate the suffering in local communities from chronic and debilitating illnesses, where modern medicine has proved ineffective. Cannabis has been dominating the world with its various medicinal uses associated with supporting patient care. In a country where healthcare provision, mainly mental healthcare is inadequate, cannabis provides an accessible, sustainable solution from which the Jamaican population must be the first to benefit. Unlike the typical capitalist model of extraction and exploitation, BCG’s mission is aligned with community care at every stage – from its inception to the delivery of the final product.

Partnering with Outlier Biopharma means that we have also secured funding for a research and development lab to ensure that our final products meet the criteria for the nutraceutical industry and are globally competitive.

With the growing demand for regulated cannabis testing services for both recreational and medicinal use in the US, Jamaica, and abroad, BCG will provide regulated testing labs to meet the demands of this growing industry. BCG seeks to invest in a Cannabis and Hemp Potency Testing Solutions Machine, which will afford us the opportunity to test cannabis and hemp for terpenes, potency, heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and mycotoxins, allowing us to develop our products to the highest purity standards. Currently, such testing services are limited in Jamaica which would uniquely place BCG in the position of being able to test our own products as well as provide additional revenue by testing the products of other growers in Jamaica and all CARICOM countries.

Our overall goal is lab and research. BCG is committed to providing the best quality products and services with dignity, pride, and respect towards the communities we serve.

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