WestsideMed provides its patients with quick and easy urgent care x-rays in Atlanta

WestsideMed offers quick medical services, including x-rays, to its patients. Founder Ariel Esteves, ENP, FNP-BC, explains the intricacies of urgent care x-rays

Do urgent cares have x-rays? Yes, and urgent care x-rays in Atlanta can help doctors understand hairline fractures, joint issues, and the status of organs like the liver and kidneys”
— Ariel Esteves

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — WestsideMed, an urgent care in Atlanta, Georgia, spent some time educating readers about the benefits of x-rays, which the clinic provides to patients.

“Emergency rooms aren’t the only places one can receive a comprehensive x-ray,” states Ariela Esteves, WestsideMed’s founder and emergency medicine & family nurse practitioner in Atlanta.

And she quickly answers questions about urgent care for those perhaps unfamiliar with its function.

“Do urgent cares have x-rays? Yes, and urgent care x-rays in Atlanta can help doctors understand hairline fractures, joint issues, and the status of organs like the liver and kidneys,” she continues.

Indeed, x-rays have been a mainstay of the medical field for over a century. The experts at WestsideMed delve deeper into the day-to-day importance of radiology and how x-rays benefit both patients and the doctors reading the results.

The Importance Of X-Rays

X-rays are a crucial piece of medical care. They create a literal picture of the human body and what ailments may affect patients. X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to focus on an area of the body, whether a broken bone or lung condition.

Patients who have ever experienced a sports or work injury are familiar with x-rays and their function. Even dentists use x-rays to get a better picture of a patient’s teeth and create a medical plan going forward.

Overall, x-rays have helped medical professionals throughout the decades pinpoint conditions, illnesses, and more that have helped save lives and provide a roadmap to effective medical treatments.

And, thanks to Esteves and WestsideMed, patients need not wait in long lines at the hospital to get a prognosis on a sprained ankle or fractured leg.

“Luckily for Atlanta residents who need to learn more about possible injuries and ailments, urgent care x-rays are available at WestsideMed,” says Esteves. “One can simply walk into the WestsideMed clinic for sudden injuries and receive an x-ray to determine an injury’s severity.

The Benefits Of Urgent Care X-Rays

Aside from receiving an overall picture of a patient’s health, urgent care x-rays in Atlanta provide numerous benefits. The aforementioned convenience of entering an urgent care clinic over straining emergency rooms and services is one of the most important benefits to everyone involved.

Likewise, x-rays are effortless and provide a quick picture of the body. Patients need not lay still for extended periods to get an accurate reading. X-ray readings often only take mere minutes.

“When getting an Atlanta urgent care x-ray, patients and their medical specialist will receive results quickly. Time is of the essence when a patient suffers from a painful injury,” says Esteves. “As such, a quick result means one can get on the road to treatment and recovery more quickly.”

Additionally, x-rays are noninvasive.

“Unlike other medical tests and procedures, x-rays are noninvasive. All patients need to do is lay or stand still for a quick scan,” says Esteves.

Overall, while not as detailed as a CT scan or MRI, x-rays are a medical professional’s basic blueprint for a patient’s ailments.

Primary Care Services From WestsideMed

But x-rays are only a tiny piece of the puzzle regarding WestsideMed and its many services. While urgent care stands as its main claim to fame, the medical providers at WestsideMed offer everything from chronic condition management to COVID-19 testing in Atlanta.

Along with urgent care services in Atlanta, WestsideMed offers standard primary care services.

“The team at WestsideMed provides primary care services to people of all ages in a warm and welcoming environment,” states Esteves.

These services, including updating vaccinations, annual physicals, and general medical advice on nutrition and health, provide WestsideMed patients with comprehensive visits.

And, if a patient needs to see a specialist, WestsideMed physicians have them covered.

“The primary care providers at WestsideMed are trained to diagnose and treat most acute and chronic health problems. If they determine a condition requires more customized care, they can refer patients to a medical specialist in the area.”

In short, people with both minor and acute ailments can expect excellent healthcare with the small but dedicated WestsideMed team of medical providers.

WestsideMed recommends that the public make regular appointments with primary care physicians. “The team at WestsideMed recommends making an appointment with a primary care provider at least once a year. Just because an individual may feel healthy doesn’t necessarily mean something isn’t wrong. Routine checkups can alert patients to potentially serious issues when they’re easiest to treat.”

Always there to help patients in a pinch, the medical providers at WestsideMed can easily make a difference in diagnosing and treating various conditions and ailments.

More About WestsideMed

Founded by emergency medicine & family nurse practitioner Ariel Esteves, WestsideMed provides a warm, welcoming environment for patients needing x-rays, EKGs in Atlanta, or an annual physical.

For more information about WestsideMed, get in touch with Ariel Esteves or visit the website.

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