Julie Johnson and Brainsdoc, aka Mircea Morariu, TRUST Biologic™ Ambassadors and #1-Ranked Senior Pros on the APP Tour* *2021 APP Pickleball Standings

Trust Biologic professional ambassadors, Johnson and Morariu, to host AAP Pickleball Tournament and compete in senior professional mixed doubles

TRUST Biologic’s mission to relieve sore joints, muscles and inflammation due to an active and competitive lifestyle resonates with me.”
— Mircea ‘Brainsdoc’ Morariu, MD

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — TRUST Biologic is an all-natural skincare company championing active adults who compete at the top of their game, with an assist from our topical gel roller for pain relief, cooling and recovery. TRUST’s top two Pro Ambassadors are hosts of the prestigious APP $60K Delray Beach Open through Sunday, March 20 at the Delray Beach Tennis and Pickleball Center in Florida. Over 918 pickleball players are registered to compete over the next six days. Even more, tournament hosts Mircea Morariu and Julie Johnson are teaming up to compete in Senior Pro Mixed Doubles, among a packed bracket of top-ranked senior pro pickleball players.

TRUST Ambassador Mircea Morariu is widely known in the pickleball community as “Brainsdoc”, because he is a practicing neurologist and neuroimaging specialist with 25 years of experience treating patients with disorders ranging from Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and strokes, to concussions and more.

“Exercise and a healthy diet are critically important for the brain, to avoid or delay cognitive impairment and mitigate the aging process,” Morariu said. “TRUST Biologic’s mission to relieve sore joints, muscles and inflammation due to an active and competitive lifestyle resonates with me.”

TRUST Ambassador Julie Johnson is not only on top of the leaderboard for her achievements on the APP Tour, she is mother to two rising stars on the national pickleball scene, JW and Jorga Johnson. Julie depends on TRUST Biologic’s Pain Relief Gel to keep aches and pain at bay during long tournament and practice days.

“We are honored to have two pickleball icons choose to represent the TRUST Biologic brand,” TRUST President Jeffrey Johnson said. “Mircea and Julie represent the gold standard as representatives, not only due to their work ethic and achievements, but because of their commitment to build the pickleball community at large.”

Competing in singles, gender doubles and mixed doubles on the APP Tour can take a toll on even the most physically fit. TRUST Biologic’s Pain Gel roller contains an optimized blend of 500 mg CBD and 10 mg CBG, infused with menthol, camphor and licorice root, and other all-natural extracts that penetrate to soothe sore muscles and joints on the spot.

According to the Sport and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), pickleball grew by a whopping 39.3% to 4.8 million players, keeping pickleball’s status intact as the fastest growing sport for two years in a row. That figure is part of a five-year trend that has seen pickleball evolve from its humble origins in Bainbridge Island, Washington, into a sport with Olympic aspirations.

In addition to Morariu and Johnson, TRUST deploys an active nationwide network of pickleball influencers and Ambassadors from coast to coast. To inquire about becoming a TRUST Ambassador, contact ruth@trustbiologic.com.

About TRUST Biologic

TRUST Beauty got its start in 2016 as an all-natural skincare company founded in Denver by Tom and Kelly Murphy. Over the years, customers requested more products to relieve actively-aging skin, muscles and joints. That’s when the team applied their topical skin and beauty industry expertise to the next frontier, collaborating with leading-edge laboratories and formulators in the heart of Colorado’s cannabinoid movement.

TRUST Biologic™ was formed to fully represent the new vision and commitment to self-care products with improved functionality. Extensive research resulted in an optimized elixir of 500 mg CBD (cannabidiol) and 10 mg CBG (cannabigerol) ingredients. Their best-selling organic Pain Gel formula goes the distance, with menthol, licorice root, jojoba, and other natural extracts that also assist in pain relief, cooling, recovery and the ability to keep moving every day, in your ‘happy place’ on the pickleball court!

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