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MARIETTA, GA, USA, November 23, 2022 / — To make research easier for its team, Tree Service Marietta, earlier today announced that the company had built a research center in Marietta.

“For the last 20 years since Tree Service Marietta came up with a research team,” said the CEO, “it has been hard for the team when doing any research. The company has been suffering from a shortage of research tools and equipment. Also, the company had to pay a lot of money for the Tree Service Marietta research team to be allowed into any research lab. These issues pushed the company to build its research lab from scratch.”

The CEO revealed that Tree Service Marietta was helped by a research company in Texas to set up its lab.

“Tree Service Marietta had the least knowledge about setting up a research lab,” said the CEO. “This forced the company to ask for assistance from a research company in Texas that Tree Service Marietta had worked with earlier. The research company helped Tree Service Marietta throughout the process, and today Tree Service Marietta boasts the most modern research lab here in Georgia.”

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The CEO also noted that Tree Service Marietta had reduced its service rates.

“As the launch of Tree Service Marietta research lab is done today,” said the CEO. “The new reduced service rates are also effective from today. The research lab will save the company from all the former costs related to research and hence the company found it wise to also help homeowners save some coins.”
The CEO made it clear that the lab was only open for use by the Tree Service Marietta team.

“Tree Service Marietta prepared the lab in a way it is only meant for the company and its employees alone,” said the CEO. “This way, the research team has all the time it needs to spend working in the lab. Allowing other researchers into the lab may lead to a lot of delay in discovering new things by the company, as they will be competing for the available resources with other teams.”

The CEO noted that the Tree Service Marietta’s research team will be using the lab to come up with a cure for emerging diseases.

“Tree farming in Marietta and the suburbs is becoming quite hard as every day new tree infections are emerging,” said the CEO. “These have proved to be a big threat to the trees before their cure is found. However, Tree Service Marietta is now ready to deal with them accordingly in the lab. The company research team has vowed to never rest until all trees are safe from life-threatening diseases.”

The CEO finished his speech by urging homeowners in Marietta and its suburbs to place their bookings with Tree Service Marietta.

“For the longest time,” said the CEO, “Tree Service Marietta is best known for its exceptional tree care services. With the availability of research resources next door now, homeowners in Marietta and its suburbs should expect big and better changes from the company. They should keep the Tree Service Marietta tree care team always overloaded by making their bookings with Tree Service Marietta through email, phone calls, and the website.”

Tree Service Marietta offices are physically located at 2305 Colleen Cir SW Marietta, GA, 30060. Homeowners in Marrieta and the entire neighborhood can also contact the company by calling +1 678-661-6293 or sending an email to

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