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ATLANTA, GA, USA, March 24, 2022 / — Trishonna started piping hot with her ice cream business, Mixins Rolled Ice Cream, making six figures in the first 60 days. The now serial entrepreneur has become an advocate for women’s empowerment, a business strategist, and a silent investor.

In the beginning, Trishonna’s life was filled with no’s and you can’t’s before launching her first business. She received negativity about her age and was always told that she would receive funding because of her ethnicity. However, God saw differently. Trisha’s grand opening did exceptionally well and made six figures in 60 days. Although Trishonna faced many obstacles, she still managed to press through and did not allow the negativity to hinder her from following her dreams.

“Coming from a small town, many close people tried to project their fears onto me to stop me from opening a business,” Trishonna said. “I had to dig deep and find ways around the negativity to achieve my goals.”

Since Trishonna’s opening, she purchased an additional store that seemed to be very promising after such a vast incline…However, she lost the store but learned valuable lessons about business partnering, development, and expansion. So, she went back to the drawing board and revised her business strategy to follow.

“After what the world would consider a failure, I paused the ice cream shop to clear my mind and used my marketing skill to start a clothing line..” Said Trishonna. “I started a new clothing line testing my methods, and they worked. My clothing line, Genrevaein‘s Fall launch, was featured during New York Fashion Week, and now I’m reopening a store.”

Now that Trishonna has experienced the highs and the low’s she’s reopening the store that she lost. “It is time to have a re-grand opening as the only owner,” Trishonna mentioned with a big smile on her face. “This store is going to be my comeback store and story…I want to make sure people understand that failures are stories for success if you don’t give up.”

With a new view on business development and strategy, the now serial entrepreneur, Trishonna Helm, is coming back better than ever! Trishonna’s original ice cream shop Mixin’s is set to have its re-grand opening in early April 2022, and the new store is set to open in Atlanta later this year.

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