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Training Offer By Dealer Profit Services Dleivers 5% F&I Profit On Unit Sales

Dealer Profit knows how to maximize F&I profit. The Dealer Profit Services training program teaches best practices to deliver maximum profit.”
— Myril Shaw, COO, Dealer Profit

ATHENS, GA, USA, June 14, 2022 / — F&I Profit comes from training, not from instinct. It is not natural and it does not come from simple conversations.

First, there has to be a clear target for F&I Profit. It has to be 5% or more on unit sales. The Dealer Profit training program teaches how to set and how to deliver F&I profit targets.
In today’s market, with rising rates and decreasing consumers, a 5% F&I Profit per Unit Sales is increasingly challenging. That said, it is still attainable and should be the goal. Dealer Profit training teaches how to do that.

There still must be a drive to maximize F&I reserve – Dealer Profit training teaches the best ways to do this. Rates will be higher, but so will the expectations of buyers. Even more important, selling protective products at a good margin is critical. This combination will drive F&I Profit higher and this training teaches how.

There must be products to offer for protective products. Dealer Profitzteaches the approaches to friendly aggression needed to drive the maximum reserve.
This is part of maximizing profit.

Dealer Profit Services is offering training to maximize F&I Profit.

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