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Harvard Health on ECS and CBD

Tongue strips, unlike gummies, offers exact dosing and instant absorption without needing 45-60 minutes to metabolize like gummies.

Doctors need exact dosages and tongue strips offer this plus immediate absorption. Tinctures are challenging because drop size or drops felt from the dropper vary. Gummies have inaccurate dosing.”
— Dr. Thomas Rocco

ATLANTA, GA, USA, January 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Thomas Rocco, host of the top rated CBD podcast “CBD Health,” released its PodCast/YouTube interview with CEO of Supplements With Science (“SWS”), Drew Edwards, regarding the NoWaitTM Delta 8 tongue strips. The tongue strips provide immediate absorption, exact dosing and avoidance of excessive sugars found with gummies. SWS is known for making the fast absorption MaxImpactTM CBD product line.

Users enjoy better sleep and better mood enhancement with the NoWaitTM tongue strips. The strip form factor absorbs almost as fast as a vape or tincture but is way easier to take. The strips are better than gummies because they are easier to take, offer exact dosage for dependable repeatable results, have way less sugar and chemicals, and starts metabolizing immediately versus taking 1-2 hours to fully metabolize in the stomach.

Delta 8 is often cited to reportedly help with sleep and mood enhancement whether for excitement or to relax. The science around Delta 8, a natural cannabinoid found in cannabis leaves, is now mass produced from CBD but still newly researched. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD, and its derivatives which can include Delta 8, as an unregulated supplement. However there are many reports, like from the FDA and University of Rochester, stating that most Delta 8 products are mislabeled in dosages.

“For Doctors exact dosages is key and tongue strips offer this plus immediate absorption. Tinctures are challenging because drop size or even drops felt from the dropper can vary. Gummies have inaccurate dosing amounts, too much sugar, and presents overdosing risks because most people can’t wait one hour for it to metabolize and take more than they should,” says Dr. Thomas Rocco, a Surgeon and Medical Director and host of top-rated CBD Health podcast. “Many people use gummies as a fun lifestyle choice but do not realize the gummies’ many downsides. NoWaitTM is a pharma-grade product that gives a person all the true benefits of Delta 8 but the best way to see is to try it,” says Drew Edwards, Founder and CEO, Supplements with Science.

According to Harvard Health August 21, 2021 article, titled “The endocannabinoid system (“ECS”): Essential and mysterious”, says Dr Grinspoon, a primary care physician, educator, and cannabis specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and an instructor at Harvard Medical School, “We are truly at the dawn of an age of discovery of the ECS and the development of new medicines that may help alleviate some of the cruelest diseases that people (and animals) suffer from.”

About Dr. Thomas Rocco’s “CBD Health Podcast”
Dr. Thomas Rocco is a surgeon and Host of the top-rated podcast “CBD Health.” Dr. Rocco is the Medical Director of a Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center and the Hospice Medical Director for Home and Hospice Visiting Nurse Services in Warwick, Rhode Island. As part of public service, the Centers offer free medical CBD/THC consultations with emphasis on safe and proper medical marijuana use for their chronic illnesses. See www.BAK2BasicsLLC.com .

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Supplements with Science (“SWS”) sells premium fast absorption CBD and Delta 8 products. The company is located in Atlanta, Georgia. SWS is also a supporter of cancer recovery patients, as CBD and Delta 8 is being increasingly used for pain. SWS supports Brides Against Breast Cancer charity and looking into supporting PTSD efforts. See www.SupplementsWithScience.com.


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