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Elevate Your Costume This Year With Halloween Contact Lenses

MARIETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s that time of year again when we break our creepy decorations and start planning our Halloween costumes. Witches and ghouls of all kinds are quietly being imagined as the big day approaches on October 31st. Each year Halloween planning seems to be getting earlier and earlier. It all kicks off with a pumpkin-spiced latte and Halloween season is in full swing!

Whatever costume you create one way to elevate it to the next level is to use professional Halloween Contact Lenses. Scott Smiledge from Wicked Eyez tells us “There’s something magic about makeup that goes inside the body. Teeth and eyes. They bring realism to any character and can really put that finishing touch that blows people away”. Smiledge walks us through the top 10 contact lenses for 2022.

Top 10 Halloween Contact Lens Designs

#1 – Zombie White Contact Lenses – By far the biggest selling design. The all-white contact lenses offer an unnatural look that is truly striking. They are also available in prescription strengths. Zombies have been the top choice in Halloween character designs for several years thanks to major blockbuster shows like The Walking Dead.

#2 – ColorMax Blue Contact Lenses – These lenses are SO BLUE! Perfect for that ice-cold look. Very similar to the lenses worn by the character Seline in the Underworld movie franchise. Also, a fantastic lens to wear to just change the color of your eyes. ColorMax Blue is available in prescription strengths.

#3 – Black Out Demon Contact Lenses – If you want to look evil then these are the lenses for you. They are completely black perfect for any demon character. These lenses are also available in prescription strengths.

#4 – New Moon Vampire Contact Lenses – Blood red lenses that get attention! They blend in with your natural eye color to make them look more realistic without dulling the red effect. These are a must-have for any vampire costume. These vampire contact lenses are also available in prescription strengths.

#5 – Red Angelic Contact Lenses – If you need a little more red to pop in your design then the Angelic Red lenses are for you. They are a blood red color with a jagged limbal ring. A limbal ring is a dark outline on the edge of the lens. This makes the lenses appear larger and makes the design pop a little more. Available in prescription strengths!

#6 – Black Scleral Full Eye Lenses – If you want the ultimate look then Black Sclera Lenses are for you. They cover the whole eye. Even the white part of the eye makes your eyes solid black! Just like the demons in the show Supernatural. These may not be for everyone due to their size. Available in non-corrective strengths only.

#7 – Shiva Blue Lenses – These lenses are so beautiful you might want to wear them all the time. Pale ice blue is reminiscent of the white walkers from Game of Thrones. Perfect for any character you want to have a mystical or ethereal feel. Available in non-corrective only.

#8 – Vampire Red Contact Lenses – The all-red traditional vampire contact lens. These vampire red lenses are good for that traditional drac look. Also works well for any fire or demonic character. Featured on many TV shows and movies like CSI. These lenses are also available in prescription strengths.

#9 – Dragon’s Breath Contact Lenses – These lenses are perfect for any clown look! They are so bright yellow and red and appear to glow. they really pop in all conditions. I personally use these lenses for my Pennywise clown character. These Wicked Eyez lenses are available non-prescription.

#10 – Black Wolf Contact Lenses – The moon rises and the transformation begins! A black lens with a yellow flecked ring in the center. The ultimate werewolf or any beast lens. If you want a dark, earthy feel to your character these Black Wolf Lenses are for you! Available in prescription strengths.

Wicked Eyez is a USA-based company in Marrieta GA. that only sells FDA-cleared Halloween Contact Lenses. For more information on Wicked Eyez make sure to check out their website at wickedeyez.com

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