ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 / — Leaders committed to building inclusive, self-aware teams will be poised to meet the challenge of changing worldwide workforce dynamics and demographics in 2024 and beyond, according to Notre Internationale founder Tia Buckham-White.

With the number of Generation Z employees expected to eclipse Baby Boomers at work this year, “experts agree the once-assumed natural order of the workplace will never return to pre-pandemic norms,” explains Buckham-White. “To remain profitable, global leaders are evolving to meet the needs of the coming generations, instead of relying on seasoned employees with decades of institutional knowledge to keep the business running.”

Buckham-White continues, “What makes 2024 so interesting is that this new generation of employees has expectations beyond monetary compensation, and they are not motivated by the same ‘carrots’ earlier workers found attractive. Instead, they’re looking for the authentic connections and inclusive environments self-aware leaders can deliver.”

Buckham-White knows what she’s talking about. Since 2012, her company, Notre Internationale, has taught leaders how to use self-awareness and other skills to work with their teams to directly and positively impact the business bottom line.

“Genuine authenticity and concern for environmental and community impact are more important to consumers now than ever. If you’re inauthentic, consumers will not buy your product, and finding productive, invested employees will be difficult.” Buckham-White states, “Too often, leaders who have been working since the 1980s or 1990s don’t always know how they come across, especially to the younger workforce. The new Gen Z and Millennial workforces want to understand how everything fits together, and leaders, with a blind spot around sharing information or welcoming questions, for example, will begin to lose their best and brightest talent.”

Notre Internationale offers HXM (Human Experience Management) consulting and programmatic leadership development based on self-awareness for business and nonprofit executives.

“For us,” Buckham-White explains, “Getting up every day to consult with the largest companies in the world is my definition of success. As a team, we intentionally grew Notre organically so we could learn and fine-tune our approach along the way. We’re entering our 12th year and looking forward to expanding our team in 2024.”

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