Together we are making it easier for food and beverage manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to work together in quickly adapting to changes in demand and supply.”
— Rick Morris, CEO, Thrive Technologies

MARIETTA, GA, USA, July 12, 2022 / — Thrive Technologies, the leading provider of digital inventory technologies to inventory-intensive companies, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Encompass Technologies, a comprehensive cloud-based ERP software technology provider for the food and beverage industry. The partnership will provide Encompass customers the ability to leverage Thrive’s innovative technologies to enhance supply chain operations, specifically in handling unpredictability and change.

“This is an exciting new partnership for the food and beverage industry, as the combination of technologies from both Encompass and Thrive can prove to be incredible game-changers for food and beverage supply chains,” said Thrive CEO Rick Morris. “Together we are making it easier for food and beverage manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to work together in quickly adapting to changes in demand and supply. Our technologies will strengthen the already strong planning functionality in Encompass, helping clients reduce stockouts and excess inventory while maximizing sales in these unpredictable times.”

“The open sharing of data across the three tiers of the beer and beverage supply chain is a critical component for strategic brand planning and growth,” said Jonathan O’Neil, CEO of Encompass. “Our partnership with Thrive continues our mission to modernize the industry, enabling forecasting, demand planning, and predictive retail insights that enhance the ability to respond to consumer trends and supercharge distributors’ sales and marketing teams for success.”

One of the mutual clients, Phillips Brewing & Malting, a craft brewer in British Columbia, was able to reduce seasonal stockouts by 60 percent using Thrive in conjunction with Encompass. Phillips uses Thrive’s forecasts-as-a-service which is one of Thrive’s digital technologies. “We’ve experienced incredible results so far,” said Phillips General Manager Jim Lister. “The forecasts we receive from Thrive each week are now mission-critical for us moving forward.”

Additional information about Thrive Technologies, including its entire portfolio of proven supply chain technologies, can be found online at Learn more about Encompass at

About Thrive Technologies
Thrive Technologies is committed to solving supply chain planning issues for inventory-intensive companies without requiring expensive risky software implementations. Thrive has developed patent-pending technologies that leverage digitized inventory data and machine learning to reduce lost sales by at least 50 percent and prevent up to 90 percent of the accumulation of dead stock. Thrive’s inventory solutions are live within days, integrate closely with clients’ ERP systems, and provide unprecedented agility in managing unpredictability and change in demand and supply chains. For more information, please visit Thrive Technologies at or follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

About Encompass Technologies
Encompass Technologies provides a comprehensive cloud-based platform connecting manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the beverage and food industry. Encompass solutions span full ERP, CRM, eCommerce, data and insights, route accounting, warehouse management, logistics, data warehousing, financials, sales execution, and more. With more than 20 years of industry experience in distribution software, expertise in beverage manufacturing technology solutions through the merger with Orchestra Software and acquisition of vintrace, and experience in offering retail insights and solutions through the acquisition of Handoff Technologies, Encompass has a reputation for innovation and collaboration, and for focusing on moving the industry forward. Visit for more information.

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