Digital supply chain planning provider announces the launch of Tiltmeter®, a new innovation that monitors for unexpected changes in demand and alerts buyers.

It’s impossible to keep up with the daily changes in supply and demand…Tiltmeter identifies big changes quickly, sending alerts so buyers can work proactively instead of reactively.”
— Rick Morris, CEO

MARIETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2022 / — Thrive Technologies, the leading provider of digital supply chain planning to wholesale distribution companies, has announced the launch of its latest inventory solution—Tiltmeter®. A game-changing innovation, Tiltmeter® effortlessly monitors each customer’s item purchase for unexpected changes in demand, and sends automated alerts to sales and buying teams when large changes are detected.

“Tiltmeter® is a critical new technology for wholesalers that allows them to seamlessly adjust inventory purchasing to prevent lost sales and dead stock,” said Rick Morris, Thrive’s CEO. “Automated alerts mean buyers can quickly pivot, buying more hot items before they stock out, and less of items that customers are no longer purchasing in high volumes. Tiltmeter® works right alongside your ERP system, detecting large demand swings in days instead of the six months typical of an ERP system alone.”

Significant unexpected changes in customer demand are a primary driver of dead stock accumulation and stock-outs for wholesalers and distributors. Most ERP systems are incapable of detecting these changes quickly, leaving purchasing teams unaware of escalating inventory changes. When demand plummets for specific SKUs but a purchasing system continues to place orders, excess inventory accumulates, inventory turns drop, and the excess eventually becomes dead stock. This scenario can now be prevented with Tiltmeter®, which acts as an early-warning system as soon as demand shifts.

“The simple fact is that managing inventory would be easy if it weren’t an ever-changing process with sales adjusting at any given moment,” said Morris. “You can land a large account or lose a large account, and everything changes. A global pandemic can hit, sending everything into chaos and making product availability unpredictable. Buyers do their best, but it’s impossible to keep up with the daily changes in supply and demand when you have tens of thousands of items stocked. Tiltmeter identifies big changes quickly, sending alerts so buyers can work proactively instead of reactively.”

Thrive’s best-in-class team of engineers, developers, and supply chain professionals can implement Tiltmeter® in as few as 30 days. The cutting-edge technology leverages the same data running through an existing ERP system, requiring no process changes, or high-risk software implementations. This also means buyers do not require any training to use Tiltmeter®, and simply continue using their current ERP system as usual.

A free proof of concept using a company’s real data is available, so wholesalers can experience Tiltmeter’s effectiveness in reducing lost sales and dead stock. Additional information about Thrive Technologies, including its entire portfolio of proven supply chain technologies, can be found online at

About Thrive Technologies
Thrive Technologies is committed to solving supply chain planning issues for inventory intensive companies without requiring expensive risky software implementations. Thrive has developed patent pending technologies that leverage machine learning to analyze billions of rows of inventory data to prevent up to 90 percent of the accumulation of dead stock and reduce lost sales by at least 50 percent. Thrive’s inventory solutions are live within days, integrate closely with clients’ ERP systems, and provide unprecedented agility in managing unpredictability and change in demand and supply chains.

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