One of the best treatments of MGD and dry eye syndrome has proven effective for 90 percent of patients of one of the world’s most respected eye doctors.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2022 / — There is an abundance of dry eye treatments on the market today, from LipiFlow to Visine. Dr. Karl Stonecipher, one of the world’s top surgeons and eye doctors, says EverTears® is the treatment he recommends above other OTC treatments.

According to Dr. Stonecipher, EverTears®, developed by ThermaMEDx, is a first-of-class dry eye device treatment based on his clinical evaluations of EverTears® self-heating eye compress. Regarding the clinical evaluation, Dr. Stonecipher explained that representatives with EverTears® came to him with the opportunity to conduct a clinical trial of 30 patients.

“It worked well, and since then, I have given it to 60 to 100 patients,” Dr. Stonecipher said immediately following the clinical study.

Ben Nobles, co-founder of ThermaMEDx and former senior executive with optical industry leader Alcon, shared that EverTears® is designed to provide a convenient and affordable OTC dry eye solution that delivers the precise, controlled heat and eyelid cleaning found in several in-office treatments.

In a series of videos, Dr. Stonecipher reiterated that EverTears® is the best treatment for dry eye symptoms related to MGD because it’s a two-in-one solution that provides the precise heat needed instantly and the ability to clean the eyelid margins.

“In this clinical trial, the patients did very well with it,” Dr. Stonecipher said. “It’s pretty easy once you’ve gone through the process.”

As for when individuals should start using EverTears®, Dr. Stonecipher recommends individuals begin early. He explained that a large portion of his practice is a referral practice where 495 optometrist physicians refer their most severe dry eye patients to him, and all patients could benefit from starting EverTears® treatments sooner than later.

But that’s not all; EverTears® has a 90 percent satisfaction rate among patients who keep coming back asking for more, according to Dr. Stonecipher. He further explained that seven times out of 10, patients grab an artificial tear or OTC eyedrop product like Visine before they come to the doctor’s office. He notes that he is not a fan of Visine because, although it can provide temporary relief of some symptoms, after a while, the more they use it, the redder their eyes get.

“It’s a vicious cycle, so nine times out of 10 for me in terms of what I think EverTears® is doing, it is a much better over-the-counter product,” Dr. Stonecipher said. “EverTears® provides us with the one thing we need, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) treatment.”

Regarding compliance, the eye doctor said, EverTears® is easier for his patients.

“Lid scrubs and baby shampoos and other home remedies have never really worked,” he stressed. “EverTears® provides two-in-one, the heat that individuals need and at the right temperature, and then individuals can use the same device to clean the eyelid margins. It’s spectacular.”

EverTears® leverages patented technology developed by ThermaMEDx co-founder Dr. Michel Guillon to provide relief from dry eye symptoms while helping restore the eyes’ natural tear film when used as directed.

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