The company is announcing its newest packaging initiative, delivering greater product protection, compelling graphics and a new size for retail expansion.

ATLANTA, GA, USA, February 15, 2023 / — ThermaMEDx is a Georgia-based company delivering innovative eye care solutions. The company is launching new packaging graphics for its EverTears® brand of innovative self-heating, pre-moistened compresses for the treatment of dry eyes. The new look is based on extensive consumer feedback and the input of national customers to enhance shelf presence and the communication of key benefits at retail.

ThermaMEDx introduced EverTears® in 2021 as the world’s first dry eye product to combine the precision of a self-heating compress and the convenience of a pre-moistened wipe. In recent years, top eye care doctors and scientists debunked prior beliefs that dry eyes were primarily caused by a lack of adequate tear production. In fact, most people suffering from dry eye disease actually produce enough tear fluids. The problem is that the fluids rapidly evaporate due to a gland condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). MGD occurs when the Meibomian Glands in the eyelids become clogged. While MGD affects both men and women, women suffer from the condition at twice the rate as men. ThermaMEDx offers its unique self-heating, pre-moistened cleaning pads, EverTears®, to melt solidified oils clogging the glands and help clean away blockages. When used regularly according to directions, EverTears® helps dry eyes retain more of their natural tear fluids, which can reduce or eliminate the need to use “artificial tears” to lubricate the eyes.

EverTears® is an FDA-registered Class 1 medical device that works in three ways to reduce clogging of the Meibomian Glands in the eyelids and provide relief from dry eyes:

• Precise Heat: Heats the eyelid to a specific temperature to clear blockages
• Precise Control: Heats and cleans only the area of the eyelids where the Meibomian Glands are located
• Precise Cleaning: The cloth pads are sterile and pre-moistened to become a convenient part of daily hygiene

EverTears® is easy to use in just 5 minutes per day. Simply open one of the individually wrapped pads and, with a few quick snaps, activate the heating. Apply the warm compress to the eyelids on each eye for 2 minutes. Then, clean the eyelids at the base of the lashes with the pad. Use gentle, light, strokes in one direction. Repeat the process daily.

New users will find all the information they need about how to use the product on the updated packaging. For more details about EverTears®, visit

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