The Ubora Leadership Institute’s Healthcare Initiative aims to end health disparities in minoritized communities

The Ubora Leadership Institute’s Healthcare Initiative Focuses on Ending Health disparities

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2023 / — Imagine going to a department store in search of a new outfit to wear. To your dismay, all the clothing options are one-size fits all. Every garment you try on doesn’t acquiesce to your body measurements. As you struggle to find the perfect outfit for your frame, none of the garments created were designed with your proportions in mind. To your chagrin, the designers of the garments never took into consideration that a one-size-fits-all approach, limits the access to fashionable frocks for those who are outside of their ideal size for the garment’s creation. This lack of diversity in size options presents a real challenge to your ability to procure the desired outfit.

This lack of diversity also exists in our health organizations. Despite the many biological differences between people of different genders, ages, races, and life experiences, it is conceivable for individuals, with the same symptoms, to get the same treatment. A range of treatments – from drugs to testing – could be more effective if designed to work with many kinds of bodies, not just some abstract perspective for a generic being.

The lack of diversity in clinical trial studies is a long-standing problem. While diversity has become an increasingly important priority in clinical research, racial and ethnic minority populations remain excluded from clinical trial study designs. Clinical trial populations should reflect the demographics of the diseases being studied. This lack of diversity contributes to health disparities affecting minoritized communities. This can lead to real-life consequences for those not participating in the therapeutic efficacy phases of studies, resulting in vaccine hesitancies, and fear-induced perspectives.

The Ubora Leadership Institute’s (ULI) healthcare initiative, led by Derick Jones and Robert L. Jamison, aims to address the systemic issues created by the lack of diversity in clinical research by working with healthcare organizations to reimagine and redesign clinical research studies to become more inclusive with patient study design, recruitment and community participation in studies. ULI has developed a unique approach encompassing leadership development, cultural compassionate care training, and behavioral health therapies for clinical operations staff and community partners. “We have become acutely aware that our lives depend on having equity in clinical research. We are dedicated to working with healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, to embrace inclusive tools to eliminate the hindrance to health equities,” said Derick Jones, CEO and Founder of Ubora Leadership Institute. He also said,” There must be a mental shift with a clear focus on changing the mindsets of those involved in clinical research that addresses organizational culture, the lack of inclusion of minoritized communities for patient recruitment and study design, and lacking cultural competencies, resulting in unwelcoming environments for patient participation.”

“Incorporating a behavioral health component to our approach, to end health disparities, is essential to replacing the auto-piloted systemic problems affecting healthcare organizations. You cannot change the culture of organizational systems without retooling the mind, healing from trauma associated with prolonged exposure to cognitive biases and racial inequities, without uprooting the innate sources that form an organization’s culture. Once uprooted, it must be reinforced with new behavioral tools to prevent a reversion to behaviors you seek to eliminate.” Said Dr. Robert L. Jamison. “Federal agencies, congressional leaders, clinical trial sponsors, and academic and healthcare systems must be active participants in changing their mindsets and approach to clinical research. The motivating goal is to produce quality health outcomes derived from the pursuit of equity and fairness in research to lessen the impact of social and economic health disparities.”

The Ubora Leadership Institute is a 501 ( c ) (3) designated nonprofit organization, based in the Atlanta Metro area. It is a diverse, contemporary national network of leaders promoting holistic leadership training coupled with behavioral health therapies that focuses on creating a new mindset for emerging leaders in business, youth, faith-based organizations, healthcare systems, and the community. To fund their healthcare initiative, they will hold a series of fundraiser events in the form of concerts entitled “The Rebirth of Soul” concert series. The first fundraiser event was held on February 19, 2023, at the Atrium in Stone Mountain, GA. The concert featured Southern Soul artists, Jeter Jones, multi-platinum recording artist Lamarr “Deuce” Lubin, L J Echols, Tasha Mac, Nigel Perkins, OC Soul and the Soul Patrol Band, DJ Calie Remix, and hosted by Natasha Marie. The event was a great success, inspiring community members and sponsors to participate in their campaign to end health disparities. The next installment date for their fundraiser concert series will be released soon.

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