Technology helps participants reach decision makers directly.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 / — The Save America’s Native Equine Campaign, SANE Campaign, is a partnership project created to advocate for the country’s wild horses and burros. The partnering organizations, 5900 Club and American Equine Awareness, began working together in 2019. American Equine Awareness and 5900 Club founders have continued to work together on numerous projects while still continuing to operate their own separate organizations since that time.

This advocacy movement relies on the power of constituents over corporate entities, lobbyists, and political groups. The SANE Campaign is structured to follow a successful model that has ‘proof of concept’. Wild Horse Annie, Velma Bronn Johnston, proved her public awareness and media awareness efforts to lobby Congress for wild horses and burros protections worked. She is credited with the passage of the Wild Horse Annie Act along with The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. Duplicating this approach can lead to success in today’s equine and wildlife efforts. The project is also built on the proven effectiveness of constituent activism.

The SANE Campaign’s ‘We the People Movement’ builds an avenue for private citizens to make lawmakers aware of their urgent requests for equine protection in unison and in large enough numbers to be recognized as organized and unified. It works to bring all advocates and concerned members of the public together in a simple but effective way that takes a minimum amount of the participants time. It’s also scalable for people who want to do more.

Today’s efforts require professionalism, project management, technology and progression to be successful. Citizen Advocacy needs coordination of efforts with one common voice and one common point of purpose. This platform will use recognized project management protocols and rules of engagement.

The Save America’s Native Equine Movement includes its flagship weekly action event, Text Tuesdays, to reach the President. This only requires a few minutes of time per week. The SANE Campaign is partnered with One Click Politics to utilize a technology based advocacy platform. Participants are able to message Senators, Representatives, Full Committees, Committee Leaders or specific individual(s) directly.

The founding partners invite people interested in preserving and protecting the iconic American mustangs and burros to join this citizen advocacy project. The effort is fully funded by 5900 Club and American Equine Awareness. There are no membership or donation requests. Sign up on the website,, or send an email to and ask to be added to the spreadsheet. Be sure to provide your name and your state. It’s that simple.

The equine advocacy community works to overcome powerful and monied special interest groups affecting equine policy at the Federal level. Unity is essential. The private citizens who support Federal and State equine protection policies need to come together in a professional manner. One voice and one point of purpose.

Please stand with the SANE Campaign as ‘One Voice’ to Save America’s Native Equine. The wild horse and burro community is nationwide with individuals who bring experience, expertise, and knowledge to the table. The public is invited to work together with one common goal for our wild equine. The SANE Campaign helps people team together to be their change agents.

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This news piece is provided by 5900 Club and American Equine Awareness.

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