The Root of All Evil

Kim Carter

5-Star Accolades

In a twist of fate and deduction, tenacious senior sleuths unmask a shadowed truth in Atlanta’s criminal underbelly.

Kim Carter’s pen crafts a world where age-old wit cuts through the darkness of deceit, and charm outlasts the root of all evil.”
— Reader Views

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2024 / — Mystery and camaraderie return with seasoned flair as Kim Carter, the acclaimed master of suspense, unveils her latest novel, “The Root of All Evil.” This enthralling new addition to her award-winning “Clara and Iris Mystery” series welcomes readers back into the lives of two of the most endearing private investigators in contemporary fiction. Carter’s unique blend of tension and humor sets the stage for a case that challenges perceptions of guilt and innocence, with a touch of Southern charm that has become her trademark.

“The Root of All Evil” thrusts readers into an already solved case, but the winds of doubt and the persistence of two widowed sleuths open old wounds in the pursuit of justice. Meet Clara Samples and Iris Hadley – best friends for over five decades, as fierce in their loyalty to each other as they are in their crusade against unserved justice. With characters that jump off the page and a narrative that weaves through an authentic Atlanta backdrop, Carter crafts a compelling tale of intrigue and perseverance, ensuring the journey is as rewarding as the destination for both her characters and her readers.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the story and successful series, Carter notes, “The ladies are inspired by the fifty-year friendship between my mother and her best friend. They were quite different in personalities at times, but their strong friendship worked, just as Clara and Iris’s does. Their devotion to one another, their humor, and even their frustration with one another at times, makes for the most entertaining novel. The feedback from readers of the Clara and Iris series has been so strong that it would be doing a disservice not to allow them to continue to solve crime.”

The release of “The Root of All Evil” has ignited a wave of acclaim, captivating Kim Carter’s ardent followers who are eagerly pressing for their next fix of suspense and wit. Here’s a glimpse into the chorus of commendation echoing from the pages of her latest masterpiece:

“The Root of All Evil is packed with mystery, intrigue, lies, and misfortune. It’s also a fun and entertaining read with stellar characters, uniquely crafted and full of warmth, charm, and wit. While Clara’s steady demeanor is wonderful and wise, it’s Iris who steals the spotlight nearly every time. She’s what I aspire to be: the crazy old lady who can get away with doing and saying whatever she wants. Oh, to be so free…” – Terri Stepek, Reader Views

“The story’s depth comes not just from the central mystery but from the personal journeys of the investigators, which are beautifully penned with close narration and clever dialogue that allows us to read between the lines with emotion and tension. The blend of investigative prowess, unexpected alliances, and the ever-present danger creates a narrative that keeps the reader engaged from start to finish, and I found the mystery elements well-paced, easy to follow, yet hard to predict. This ideal balance of pace and content is complemented by Carter’s evocative writing, which suits the complexity of the case and its powerful cast, leaving readers guessing until the final revelation.” – K.C. Finn, Readers Favorite

“I’m always excited for Kim Carter’s mysteries, especially the ones featuring Clara and Iris, a pair delightful and hilarious elderly PIs. As always, the third installment in the series lives up to expectations. This time around, the duo finds themselves unraveling a murder case that appears closed, but as they dig deeper, they uncover wild twists that will leave you guessing about the true culprits. I’m eagerly awaiting Kim’s next book – it can’t come soon enough!” – Jeff F., Amazon Review

“Loved this latest mystery by Kim Carter! The characters were well developed. Iris becomes more fun and outspoken with each book. Really enjoy the Clara and Iris relationship. The story was full of twists and turns to keep me intrigued to the very end. Can’t wait for the next case for Clara and Iris!” – Julia B. Simpson, Amazon Review

“Can the reader find any more fun in reading? Not unless you are reading the Clara and Iris Mysteries by author Kim Carter, specifically The Root of All Evil, the third in the series. Kim never fails to bring it on home with her vivid imagination when writing this series. It is full of laughter and mystery and always presents twists. An excellent addition to the series, will there be another? We can only hope.” – Zoe J, Amazon Review

“I’ve waited for almost two years for Ms. Carter’s next novel to come out and she didn’t disappoint! As usual, her character development was amazing. She has a way of making the reader feel like they know the characters personally and you find yourself either loving them or wishing them a swift demise. I couldn’t think of anything else for two days as I read this novel and hated to close it at the end of the day. Now I’m finished and waiting on the next one. Wish she’d put out more than she does. The wait is too long in between these much-awaited masterpieces.” – Amazon Review

Now available at local bookstores and online retailers, “THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL” (ISBN: 978-1947140134, Raven South Publishing, 2024) is an unmissable journey alongside the most dynamic duo of private investigators, Clara and Iris, as they peel back layers of a closed case to reveal a truth that could change everything.


Kim Carter is an award-winning author and critically acclaimed writer of gripping suspense, chilling thrillers, and haunting historical mysteries.

Ms. Carter is widely known for her vibrant characters in her “Clara and Iris Mystery” series, a couple of overly curious widows who turn into private investigators. These funny women were inspired by Kim’s mother and her mom’s best friend. Book one of this series, Murder Among The Tombstones, was chosen Finalist for the 2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award and a recipient of the 2017 TCK Publishers’ Readers’ Choice Award.

Kim worked in many different capacities in county government. Still, it was ultimately her job as a correctional officer that offered her opportunities to talk and interact with a diverse group of people. Her experiences run the gamete of inspiring success stories to tragic endings as she writes within her mysteries.

Kim began networking and made connections with numerous homicide detectives, medical examiners, and prison officials. Her research has taken her to many places, including morgues, death row, and the occasional midnight visit to cemeteries to gain material for her novels.

Visit Kim Carter’s Amazon Author Page to learn more about her and her work. Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.

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