A woman’s personal journey to develop herself maximizes her influence; not just for Queen Esther, but for every her.

A Woman’s power to use her influence to effect change. It’s not just for Esther, but every her.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, February 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Atlanta, GA – With the economy, social and political upheaval, and family stressors, women are feeling a sense of unhappiness and a sense of hopelessness. The Power of the Esther Effect (Wisdom Tree Books, 2024) empowers a woman to see change around her when change happens within her, a key to her success. As a woman makes a decision to change and pursue life to the ideal, it influences others around her for positive change. Working on oneself, personal development, self-help with the help of Wisdom is woman’s work. Today, it may seem impossible. Yet, there is good news.

The Power of the Esther Effect shares how giving up control to gain power is the key to true personal happiness and personal power. Personal power comes from personal development and a commitment to the “self-help” process. How does giving up control give a woman more power? It gives a woman power to focus on her emotions. It gives a woman power over her reactions. It gives way to a calm and centered self. It is where self-possession and self-actualization flourish.

When a woman makes a decision to change, she becomes a magnet of change. Private change has a public impact. It’s a personal constitution that inspires change for the better within every sphere of a woman’s influence. This is the essence of The Power of the Esther Effect. By making incremental changes in her behavior, attitude, and perspective, a woman will inspire others around her to change, especially in her relationship with her husband. Her new disposition becomes very attractive to the man in her life.

Using the life of Queen Esther, this book shares how to relate to others with less words and actions and more intention and motivation. It may seem counterintuitive that less is more, but it really is. The more women work on themselves, focusing on their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, the better their personal quality of life will become. With this new sense of well-being comes the clarity of purpose, the focus of what’s really important in life, and the confidence of knowing that life is more about” being” than “doing.”

Dr. Karen Hypolite is the author of The Power of the Esther Effect. As a science education researcher and bible study teacher, she fuses the tenants of educational psychology and the Bible for practical steps to successful Christian living. www.karenhypolite.com She is the founder of the Woman Thryve Bible Study where women study principles from the Bible to learn keys to results-driven living. It is available on Amazon.com.

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