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New Educational Methods Must be Embraced Before it is too Late

Instead of fighting against the machines and leaning into exams we need to focus on creating curricula that respect student interest that they WANT to do themselves to understand more about the world”
— Garrett Smiley, CEO of Sora Schools

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 / — The release of ChatGPT last month, OpenAI’s latest and most advanced artificial intelligence assistant, was a wake-up call for much of the world about the truly transformative potential of AI. Although many industries will grapple with this innovation, education is particularly ripe for disruption.

Overnight, every student in the country has a free of charge tool that can effortlessly complete their homework–even the most arduous book reports or calculus assignments–at an A+ level. 90% of the homework assigned in a traditional school can be easily bypassed, and the teacher will never know; no plagiarism detectors will catch this AI.

If you think this is unbelievable, log into and feed it the most challenging essay prompt you can muster. The response you will receive is conversational, accurate and high quality. ChatGPT gained over one million users within days of its launch.

So, where do we go from here? Garrett Smiley has the answer. He is the founder and CEO of Sora Schools, considered one of the most innovative middle and high schools in the country. As a former programmer and life-long technologist, he is an expert on the intersection of technology and education innovation.

Smiley said, “Instead of fighting with the machines and leaning even harder into high-stakes exams, which I fear many traditional school leaders will cling to, we need to focus on creating curricula that respect student interest. That students WANT to do themselves for the sake of understanding more about the world.” This is exactly what Sora Schools offers. Student-centered education that is built on student’s passions instead of teaching to the test. When a student is genuinely interested in what they are learning, they won’t need to use AI to help them, they will want to find out the answers for themselves.

“Furthermore, we should be encouraging the use of tools like ChatGPR.”, Smiley continued. “We should give students challenging, relevant projects for them to conquer, where these tools empower their knowledge work, just like how employees across the world will be using it to increase their creative power. Instead of fighting with the machines, let’s finally rethink education for the 21st century.”

As Daniel Herman, a writer for The Atlantic said, “If you’re looking for historical analogues, this (the launch of ChatGPT) would be like the printing press, the steam drill, and the light bulb having a baby, and that baby having access to the entire corpus of human knowledge and understanding. My life—and the lives of thousands of other teachers and professors, tutors and administrators—is about to drastically change.”
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Founded in 2019, Sora is an online, project-based middle school and high school where students join a vibrant student-centered community that offers world-class, innovative education. Sora was founded by Garrett Smiley when he discovered that the more he uncovered about the education system, about how humans learn best and the challenges facing our world, the clearer it became that school was failing both our children and our future. Sora is the answer to this crisis. Sora is the most innovative, accredited and affordable private online school with exciting and relatable student-led curriculum that prepares students to go out in the world and be limitless. Learn more at

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