The Dynamite Network Casting & Production Call for Fall/Winter 2022

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2022 / — The Dynamite Network, a subsidiary of Brian Reveals Media, today announces a talent and media production search for artists and creatives for the fall/winter 2022 launch. Dynamite is seeking independent and established talent to submit high quality content in an effort to create a centralized hub as an entertainment destination.

Additionally, Dynamite will focus on creatives to cover the various categories which are gaining in notoriety in steaming and individuals & production companies/affiliates who have a substantial, dedicated following or fan base.

The Dynamite Network is a multimedia streaming service providing viewers and subscribers with unparalleled entertainment in the areas of talk shows, independent films, music, sports, comedy, minority-inclusive focus, kid friendly, food, etc.

The Dynamite Network will be an entertainment destination for independent creatives to have a hub to showcase their art and grow at a pace not offered with other major streaming platforms. All of the content for streaming will be original in its offering. Dynamite’s original launch will include creatives who are social media influencers, veteran celebrities, comedians, gamer influencers, music artists, and tastemakers in their respective industries and backgrounds.

Brian Whitlock, President & CEO says, “This is the type of programming which will revolutionize how viewers consume content, expand what’s considered as ‘noteworthy,’ and specialize in an untapped marketplace for quality entertainment. The network is an ‘entertainer’s’ forum. Dynamite is also a brand that doesn’t believe in restricting art. This will be a home to protect the integrity of the brand of the network and the process of creating art for viewers.”

The Dynamite Network is scheduled to launch in late summer 2022. All of the original content will be available for streaming and purchase on video on demand. Viewers and subscribers will also have the opportunity to “gift” the network which will reinvest every dollar into content and artist development. Dynamite will scale it’s growth to make way for artists and creatives to be rolled out over the coming months. The Dynamite Network also plans to scale viewership to Roku TV, reaching more than 110 million audiences in over 20 countries.

To be notified when The Dynamite Network officially launches, please follow the network on Instagram @thedynamitenetwork.

Viewers and supporters can also follow The Dynamite Network and sign up for a free trial before the network launches at

Brian Whitlock
President | CEO
The Dynamite Network
Brian Reveals Media

Brian Whitlock
Brian Reveals Media
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