The Couple-preneurs Show | RJ and Portia James of Behavior Genius speak with Oscar and Kiya Frazier

Behavior Genius a BHCOE Accredited behavioral healthcare provider headquartered in Ontario, CA

Surviving Corporate Trauma & Building A Family Business with Your Spouse

In the face of hard times, and tough decisions, you have to understand at a deeper level how to coach the best out of your partner.”
— RJ James

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2021 / — RJ and Portia James have overcome amazing odds to build a successful business. They’ve worked hard, studied hard, and taken all the necessary steps to be successful in their careers. They ascended the corporate ladder and faced unfair limitations and barriers based on cultural bias. Then after having their third child, both lost their jobs for reasons outside their control. Despite hurdles and setbacks that would crush many people, RJ and Portia James stayed true to their vision and beliefs launching Behavior Genius in 2016.

During Episode #23 of The Couple-preneurs Show, RJ & Portia dive into a discussion with the hosts Oscar and Kiya Frazier around corporate trauma and what it was like building a family business. First, the married couple provides a candid and truthful look at what many black professionals experience in the corporate space. Then they dive deep into how they found a balance between entrepreneurship and marriage.

Portia is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and entrepreneur with a dynamic background in people management and business development. RJ is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with an extensive coaching repertoire and an unwavering passion for helping others to meet their personal and professional goals.

When asked how they decided to build a family business, Portia responded, “I knew going back into corporate was not what I wanted to do for my emotional health, even though I had a great offer.” RJ added, “sometimes you have to take a chance, so we pushed all our chips into the center of the table and decided to go for it.”

Many successful entrepreneurs say that there comes a time when one must leap; it’s genuinely about betting on yourself. RJ and Portia did just that, and now they have built Behavior Genius, a successful BHCOE Accredited behavioral healthcare services provider headquartered in Ontario, CA.

Behavior Genius is built on the belief that it is every person’s birthright to thrive within their community, connect with others like them, and collect meaningful experiences that will shape who they will become for the better.

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Behavior Genius is a BHCOE Accredited behavioral healthcare provider headquartered in Ontario, CA. Rooted in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Genius provides ABA services leveraging a total family approach, social skills training, adult residential services, and business consultations.

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