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Your Voice of the Nation

We look at the behavior and position of today’s popular black brands as it relates to identity, sponsorship, endorsement, cultural branding in the sports, media… industries, and minority spending.”
— Terrance Alton Cox III

ATLANTA, GA, USA, February 14, 2023 / — Terrance Alton Cox III, soon to be known as, Your Voice of the Nation, is hosting, The Real State of Black America (The RSOBA). This dynamic introspective new show according to Cox takes a look at Black accountability for our children and families through a holistic comprehensive analytical lens and a clear map of change for the betterment of our race.

As the host, Cox says, we look at the behavior and position of today’s popular black brands as it relates to identity, sponsorship, endorsement, cultural branding in sports, media, entertainment, and minority spending. Throughout the show, we view things from a broader sense, look at things from a different perspective, and sometimes in the conversation, we just rip the bandages off.

The Real State of Black America will create several positive community programs through its dedicated platform to generate much-needed changes in our black community. Early activations include:

● 400 PROUD: This brand celebrates the 400 years of contributions African-American people have given to our country through an uncommon work ethic and willingness to face any adversity head-on in a quest to succeed as creative thinkers and innovators in music, entertainment, education, sports, exploration and more.

● MY HIP HOP CULTURE: This brand celebrates the fact that we take care of our own, be it children, household, community, state, country, and people in need. We protect and respect our women, engage in humanitarian crisis relief efforts, and fight for human rights. My Hip Hop Culture reaches all age groups and permeates the very foundation of ambition, success, and our potential for greatness.

● JUNETEENTH OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE™: This brand celebrates the new federal holiday marking the end of slavery in the United States. It is a recognized trademark and copyright owned by Terrance Alton Cox III who is sourcing licensing partnerships with brands that uphold the spirit of Juneteenth. A portion of funds generated through these partnerships will go back into our communities through The Real State of Black America programs.

The Real State of Black America initiative brings ambitious people together with the expertise to create a framework that will build upon and develops hope and supports a healthy mindset leading to a healthy environment for Black children, families, and individuals. A percentage of money raised under our brands will go to fund several initiatives such as education, housing, and community cleanup as outlined in their map of change.

We firmly believe in the good that will come from these initiatives, and it will be reflected in our communities. We need your commitment to help bring about change by taking charge of our destinies. In unity, our strength will cause change allowing The RSOBA to be self-sufficient then grow to become self-sustaining. Join us, patronize, subscribe, like, follow, share on social media and be a part of the reason why! To do so now, visit Stay tuned for updates so you can join us live and online at upcoming activation sites.
Watch the show, support the brand, join the effort so you can help generate much needed change in our black community.

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