This innovative architecture firm takes an industry-changing approach to design services, helping homeowners make decisions at an unprecedented speed and value

If you own a home, then you need a pocket architect, and just like that, now you do.”
— Richard Taylor

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2024 / — SketchHaus is opening the doors to this once-exclusive profession, making access to an architect incredibly easy for absolutely everyone.

Providing design and permit documents to all projects great and small, they are truly the Turbo Tax or Legal Zoom of architecture, putting licensed architects at the fingertips of anybody who owns a home.

For many current or would-be homeowners, architectural services are notoriously inaccessible. From exorbitant prices to long wait times for designs to the unavailability of architects for consultations or even to ask questions, there are many reasons why people avoid working with an architect. But SketchHaus has changed that.

“SketchHaus is changing the game in this ancient profession by making architecture accessible to anyone who owns a home. In short, we are the LegalZoom or Turbo Tax of architecture,” said Richard Taylor, SketchHaus Principal. “If you are doing a project with your home, call us first. Let us capture your design intent, put that on paper, and give you enough information to engage with builders for pricing. Our mission is to serve all homeowners and builders with creative design solutions in a new way that is easy, quick, and economical. By leveraging technology and AI, we can keep our prices extremely low, with remarkable turnaround times.”

The Atlanta-based tech-heavy architectural firm is redefining the architectural industry by democratizing access to architectural design services. The firm has created a fixed-fee packaged service approach with its SketchHaus Bundles that offer simple architectural design services at disruptive price points.

Bundles include the Facelift for digital redesign of the home’s exterior; Renovations and Additions for those looking for updates, additions, or renovations to their current home; and New Construction for those looking to build a new home on vacant lots.

SketchHaus uses AI and cutting-edge technology to inform its processes, which also helps keep its costs lower compared to traditional architectural design firms with no compromise to craft or creativity. For the Renovations and Additions bundle, a SketchHaus architect visits the site, capturing a 3d model of the entire home in about an hour. This technology delivers information back to the team to perform design work, so they never have to return to the job site, saving the client time and money. All bundles include remote consultations and continued access to an architect for questions and digital delivery of finished design plans.

While the Renovations and Additions and New Construction bundles require site visits, the SketchHaus Facelift is conducted entirely through their app so the SketchHaus team can assist clients anywhere in the world with giving their home’s exterior a refresh. Clients simply download the free SketchHaus app, follow the onscreen prompts to capture exterior photos of their house, click submit, and then receive their digitally redesigned concepts documents very quickly.

SketchHaus’ architectural-design-for-all philosophy has garnered rave reviews from clients. The team has completed over 600 projects in its first three years and has caught the attention of investors, netting the firm almost $11.5 million from investors eager to help the SketchHaus team expand its services across the country. The vision is to help more homeowners feel confident in their home designs before they spend time and money talking to a builder.

“If you own a home, you need a pocket architect, and just like that, now you do,” added Taylor.

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