Organized by sports marketing firm GETSEEN, the tournament will feature 64 teams in six single-elimination rounds

ATLANTA , UNITED STATES, March 3, 2023 / — Sports marketing firm GETSEEN will hold a single-elimination, winner-take-all, high-stakes basketball competition, where the champions walk away with $1 million, in the summer of 2024.

The competition will have 64 teams and six rounds of win-or-go-home competitive basketball. The tournament format will have eight regional locations that will host the first three single-elimination rounds consisting of 64 teams, 32 teams and 16 teams.

Atlanta will host the final three single-elimination rounds consisting of eight teams, four teams and the two remaining teams that will face off in the championship game for $1 million.

To keep the tournament competitive, games will be played under the alternative game ending format, where the game clock is shut off in the fourth quarter and teams must hit a target score to win the game. The target score is set by adding 10 points to the leading team’s total at the end of the third quarter. For example, if the score is 100-90 at the end of the third quarter, the target score would be 110.

This will make games extremely competitive, GETSEEN tournament organizers say. The GETSEEN tournament has an open application, meaning anyone can apply.

All games will be livestreamed on YouTube.

In addition to Atlanta, the regional locations where games will be played are Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles and Seattle.

For more information about the tournament, including how to participate and sponsorship opportunities, visit

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