The Shepherd’s Hill leadership team gathered to commemorate the event.

Shepherd’s Hill Founders and Directors, Trace and Beth Embry were at the groundbreaking together with Joshua and Allison Wallace.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a Christ-centered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization offering therapeutic services to teens in crisis, located in Martin, GA.

The building is the first step within the organization’s 5 to 8 year campus upgrade master plan.

To God alone be the glory of these accomplishments and the ones to come.”
— Joshua Wallace, Director of Operations

MARTIN, GA, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2022 / — It was a little over one year ago in April of 2021 that Shepherd’s Hill Academy, a therapeutic boarding school that hosts students from all states and around the world, began development of its entirely new campus. Currently, the organization is executing its first phase of a three phase master plan that will span between five to eight years from start to finish.

According to Joshua Wallace, Director of Operations, the need for new space for employees, guest parking, weekly deliveries, student activities, and various events had grown to a point that could no longer be ignored, setting the master planning for the structure in motion in September of 2020. Additionally, a 4-lane highway that cut through the center of the campus in 2016 was another driving force behind the plan.

“Operationally speaking, we have outgrown virtually every aspect of our primary campus,” stated Joshua Wallace. “It’s a combination of growth of our national student population and a 4-lane highway being installed directly through the middle of our campus that has brought us to this very exciting expansion point.” The vision to serve the local community more effectively, to provide adequate space for daily operations and activities, and to keep up with the demand for growing enrollments will all be met through the new campus expansion, says Joshua Wallace.

Of the many planned campus additions, the first to make its debut to the property is a brand new Dining Hall and Conference Center as part of Phase 1. Construction officially launched this month with breaking ground and a gathering of the leadership team at the construction site to celebrate the progress. Phase 1 will include the dining hall, conference center, outdoor family venue, sustainable development classrooms, office spaces, and parking. “It’s incredible to see our vision becoming a reality,” stated Joshua Wallace. “I can see clearly where our students will soon be able to eat, our staff will soon be able to have offices, and the space we will be able to effectively serve our community.”

Director of Program Development and Admissions, Allison Wallace, also relayed excitement over the project. “I am excited about seeing the progress begin, knowing that this building is going to be used in so many powerful ways to help individuals and families and the community,” stated Allison Wallace. “This could be used for Chamber events, community outreach — there are so many possibilities for these new spaces.”

Despite being in a national shortage of concrete, labor and supply chain issues, and general economic hardships, Shepherd’s Hill Academy has remained focused on gaining traction on its new campus. Installing fiber internet in March of 2021 was the first step of the process, says Joshua Wallace, keeping future scalability in mind. By July of the same year, the entire campus was upgraded from 10MB to 250MB, swiftly serving around 80 devices at a time. Grading and clearing took place in April of 2021 with everything being finalized by August. All testing was passed that same month, culminating into the structure’s ground breaking.

“Shepherd’s Hill Academy was founded on faith and its 20 year legacy in a series of miraculous events. We’ve been in similar situations before,” recalled Joshua Wallace. “To God alone be the glory of these accomplishments and the ones to come.”

ABOUT Shepherd’s Hill Academy
Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a residential therapeutic nature-based boarding school for troubled teens, serving families from all over the nation and around the world. Founded in 2001, Shepherd’s Hill sits upon a sprawling oasis that covers over 200 acres with 24/7 care for ages 12 to 17. The organization is a fully accredited academy. Teens experience an unplugged environment complete with equine therapy, group therapy, one-on-one therapy, hands-on agricultural experiences, once a month field trips, Christ-centered weekly chapel, and more.

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