Shaolin Warrior Residence Training Camp

Shaolin Institute 2022 warrior intensive training

Shaolin Institute Atlanta Summer Resident Training Camp 2022

2022 Shaolin Warrior Intensive Training Camp

Shaolin Institute 2022 Summer Warrior Resident & Intensive Camp

The Shaolin Warrior Residence Training Camp program is designed for highly disciplined self-learners and leaders of the generation, starting on June 13th

To reprogram the mind and body, and to build each individual in great potential of intelligence totally free from the past, attachments, memories, conformities into a new vision with Dao.”
— Deru

NORCROSS, GA, USA, May 24, 2022 / — Shaolin Institute incorporation with DeRu Academy and Shaolin Chan Foundation will host a Shaolin Warrior Residence Training Camp for the next generation of highly disciplined self-learners and leaders of new generation in humanity. The Shaolin Institute officially starts the Shaolin warriors’ residence camp registration starting at the end of May ends on June 13th. All the screening will be held either online through Zoom or onsite af Shaolin Institute, Atlanta Campus, 3040 Business Park Dr. STE C., Norcross, GA 30071, or

The whole exploration of humanity and their potential in not only the external smartness in the attention to development science and technologies but most importantly attention to inner mind exploration of cosmic and human consciousness of intelligence and inner wisdom. The intensive and residence camps are truly for those who are looking for high level of inner strength and character of grit through deep studying in body and mind of Kung Fu.

Another point of the program is to transcend humanity from all the entropy of mass media conformity, politics, organized religions and nations with fierce competitions and conflicts in this material driven world view only and seeing beyond and deep into the innermost consciousness and inner wisdom of humanity in resonance with consciousness matrix of the cosmos says the organizer.

Reprogramming the mind and body is the key of the summer camp, the headmaster, DeRu said, to build each individual in great potential of intelligence totally free from the past, attachments, memories, conformities and conditions of three dimensional images and thoughts into a new vision with Dao of perceiving, conceiving and actin with vitality and empowered energy of the body and mind to build a character that is resilient and compassionate with wisdom and grit.

Residence camp for mind and body explorers who are interested in:

● Flow with Conscious Zen (Chan) Living – inner consciousness of energy coherence

● Coherent with Passion for Life with vitality and wisdom

● Totally into not only External World of smartness but innate wisdom of great consciousness in life

● Internal and external Kung Fu in Inner ability and Skills along with Traditional Shaolin Weapon Skills

● The inner strength of Shaolin Kungfu Sanshou/Panda Combat Skills

● Kung Fu Qin Na and Shuaijiao Skills

● SHaolin Kung Fu weapons

● Internal Kung Fu, Qi and Tai Chi , Zen Tai Gong

● Totally want to train in Shaolin mental and physical body and mind reconditioning

● Character, Personality Leadership Ability and Communication Skills

In the mid of the Camp there will be a Shaolin Warrior Intensive camp which runs with 9 days and 9 night from July 9th – July 17th. All of the overnight or residence camps require full-time on-site boarding or staying at nearby hotels. This special training camp is also available for anyone who wants to enter the realm of high self- disciplined learning, and wants to meet tougher life challenges. As the master said:

“This Shaolin Warrior Intensive Training Camp is only for those who are in flow with the essence of life not only in Martial Arts as Shaolin warrior but expanding beyond local, cultural, or provincial Way of the mind transmission & with the motive to travel an extra mile in life challenges to the unknown.”

As one of the leaders of the camp says: “The applicants may be interested in personal growth, consciousness expansion and heightening the inner world of vision, along with martial arts skills, along with character of grit.”

The full-time Shaolin Warrior Residence Training Camp starts the 7 weeks training on June 13th on the week-to-week bases, along with other training camps. The Shaolin warriors residence campers and intensive Shaolin Warrior campers’ program will be directly under DeRu Shi who was a close disciples of the Great Grandmaster of the generation from the Shaolin Temple, China Shi SuXi. It is a very rare opportunity for any serious martial artist or Kung Fu master, or consciousness explorer.

The almost two-month youth and adult summer residence training camps available to all levels of martial artists, Kung Fu seekers. During the period of these 7 weeks’ long training camps, students will have an opportunity to train at the Shaolin Campus exactly like training at old Shaolin Temple of China.

Students in the part-time Shaolin youth training camp without boarding (available to all ages) will have attention to self learning, self-creating and Shaolin experience in discipline and character built training experience. Weekly training is starting from June 13th, available on a week-to-week basis.

DeRu Shi ( the grandmaster) a cosmic life-consciousness explorer and a long time student, will be working closely together with each student to learn and understand life essence and potential beyond material world of vision seeing both spectrum of inner life and as well as external life for the new generation of humanity and beyond.

This summer camp is a life game of creativity in arts, science, along with exploration of inner conscious intelligence and wisdom in totality of a person with grit. The program is also available online. Call 770-286-9808

Imagine and Beyond
Kids play in the future of humanity, future society and future game of the world stage standing on top of the great men like Like Lao Zhi, Zhuang Zhi, Siddhartha Gautama, Aristotle, Plato, Jesus Christ, Max Planck and Albert Einstein……beyond Newton and Darwin

Kids play the arts and science of Gong Fu (deep state of attention of action of the mind and body) to create and inspire and lighten oneself unveil the innate intelligence and wisdom

We start with stories and philosophies of Lao Zhi Yi Jing -Book of Change all the way to Max Planck and Albert Einstein and David Bohm and Gautama and Chris What do we see through the eyes of these men…


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