Inducted in 2014 to the National Register of Historic Places

Urgent Efforts Continue to Save National Register of Historic Places Structure – Gresham Building, Built in 1911 From Demolition

The historic Gresham Building must be saved and protected for preservation. Our Galloway School Community of Alumni, preservationists, friends and neighbors are working together…”
— Fran Galloway

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2024 / — The Galloway School, a cherished academic institution with a rich history spanning generations, faces a critical moment in its journey as the City of Atlanta is on the threshold of approving demolition of the campus’s historic Gresham Building, originally built in 1911. Founded in 1969 by WWII and Korean War veteran, Elliott Galloway, the school has served as a scholastic cornerstone for multiple generations and remains in the top 20% of private schools in Georgia.

Nestled in the heart of Buckhead’s Chastain neighborhood, The Galloway School stands as a beacon of progressive education—as one of the first private institutions proudly opening doors to integration, even under racial tensions across the country. Early attendees include Martin Luther King III, Bernice and Dexter whose father played an instrumental role in the desegregation of schools, Atlanta Braves and MLB Hall of Fame baseball player Hank Aaron’s children, and those of prominent civil rights activist, Julian Bond.

The Gresham Building, a majestic structure steeped in heritage and tradition, stands as a testament to the school’s rich past. Originally built in 1911 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014, the building is central to the school and the community’s classic aesthetic. The building originally served as the Fulton County Almshouse that parents, teachers and local community banded together to refurbish in 1969—to officially become The Galloway School. Its halls echo with the laughter of generations of unified students and memories deeply intertwined with togetherness, giving way to Atlanta’s maturing cultural landscape.

In response to the devastating, impending demolition threat, Galloway Alumni and Supporters for Preservation (GASP) was formed. Members include descendants of Elliott Galloway, esteemed alumni, former teachers, staff and Chastain neighborhood residents. They have come together to save the Gresham building and protect it for preservation. While acknowledging the need for renovations to ensure the safety and longevity of the structure, they firmly believe that demolition is unnecessary and would erase an irreplaceable emblem of the city and state’s history.

“The historic Gresham Building must be saved and protected for preservation. Our Galloway School Community of Alumni, preservationists, friends and neighbors are working together in hopes that city officials, zoning board, and all parties involved in the recent zoning change will include an ordinance protecting the 1911 National Register of Historic Places honoree, the beloved Gresham Building.” —Fran Galloway

On Wednesday, March 20, 2024, GASP members will attend a meeting with current Galloway School leadership and board members. In an attempt to compromise and find resolution, GASP will present preliminary architectural plans drafted by a respected architect and historic preservationist that preserves The Gresham Building. GASP’s efforts intend to encourage consideration of a viable alternative to destroying Gresham.

To amplify their cause, The Galloway School community has launched a petition and has garnered over 1500 signatures, inviting residents of the Chastain area and beyond to join them in their efforts to save the Gresham Building. Every signature represents a commitment to preserving a piece of Atlanta’s legacy for the enrichment of future generations.

In efforts to save the Gresham building, official endorsements have been received from founder Galloway’s children: Charlie, Fran and Kay alongside Buckhead Heritage and Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

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