Integrating aesthetics and hygienics to offer a sophisticated solution for dispensing, storing, shielding, and concealing toilet tissue.

BLAIRSVILLE, USA, February 9, 2024 / — Rhonda Mason, founder of Rhonda’s Room LLC, is proud to announce the launch of Elegwood, the first of the four models of TP Suites. TP Suites is a line of innovative solutions for universal toilet paper management crafted to simplify everyday routines.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of consumers, Elegwood boasts a range of key features:

Accessible Extra Rolls: Ensures additional rolls are always within arm’s reach.
Concealed Storage: Provides discreet and out-of-sight backup roll storage.
Lifetime Lasting Design: Manufactured with longevity in mind.
After-Flush Protection: Shields rolls from unwanted particles for enhanced hygiene.
Enhanced Decor: Seamlessly complements various bathroom aesthetics.
Sleek Organization: Features a discreet design for efficient mega roll storage.
Minimized Waste: Minimizes roll premature replacements, enhancing sustainability.
Pet and Toddler Safe: Deter playful unraveling for households with kids and pets.

Elegwood is made from solid Acacia wood, which contains tannins that produce natural antibacterial and moisture-resistant properties. This, combined with the product’s closed-off design, minimizes tissue exposure to airborne bacteria and other potential contaminants.

Beyond functionality, the product seamlessly harmonizes with various bathroom aesthetics, from modern minimalism to classic elegance. It’s engineered to be more than a bathroom essential but also a statement piece that can be passed to generations.

Elegwood currently offers VIP discounts for pioneering customers. To learn more, please visit

Rhonda Mason
Rhonda’s Room LLC

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