The company offers an updated holistic, personalized, and strategic retirement planning approach that accounts for all phases of retirement.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2023 / — Retire Wise, LLC is pleased to announce it is changing the traditional model of retirement planning to a more updated, personalized, and holistic approach for today’s modern world.

Retire Wise, LLC offers retirement planning and insurance services designed to ensure clients grow their retirement savings while protecting it from fees and market risk – all so they can retire happy. At its core, Retire Wise believes that every successful retirement plan and financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship and, as such, its mission and values include providing unmatched service and exceeding client expectations.

In the company’s most recent news, Retire Wise is going above and beyond to provide clients with superior retirement planning services by offering an updated holistic, personalized, and strategic approach. According to the company, this is a comprehensive retirement planning that accounts for all phases of retirement, not just what a client’s financial retirement number is.

“There are many aspects to retirement, not just what your nest egg goal is,” says Shawn Maloney, Founder and President of Retire Wise. “While we will also determine that, there is more to it. We use proven finance strategies designed to meet your risk tolerance and stand up against market volatility.”

“First and foremost, we analyze your situation to make personalized recommendations,” Maloney continues. “Then, we put together a plan and guidance, which includes accumulation/savings plan and a retirement draw down plan based directly on your needs and goals. This phase is critical and, unfortunately, most do not account for it.

Part of the plan is also what else goes into your retirement happiness and wellbeing, beyond the finances. Ultimately, this equates to a customized plan just for you – not a boilerplate plan or robot crunching numbers. You’re not just a number to us.”

To develop a retirement plan to suit the individual and unique needs of all clients, Retire Wise offers a host of beneficial services, including:

• Retirement planning
• Complimentary Analysis
• Retirement Strategy
• Social Security Optimization
• Retirement Protection
• Roll Overs (401k’s & IRA’s)
• Annuities
• Retirement wellbeing for retirement happiness
• And much more

“Let us protect you against what can go wrong, so you can invest in what could go right,”

Maloney concludes. “Contact us now so you can plan for tomorrow today and retire happy!”

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About Retire Wise, LLC

Retire Wise is a retirement planning service founded by President, Shawn Maloney – a Certified Retirement Specialist, Instructor on retirement education, Licensed Agent, and NAIFA Member. The company offers a number of retirement planning, strategy, protection, and insurance services designed to meet clients’ risk tolerance and stand up against market volatility – all with personalized recommendations based on industry analyzation.

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