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Raumak celebrates a decade of global success with innovative solutions in packaging, cartoning, boxing and baling.

Raumak celebrates a decade of global success with innovative solutions in packaging, cartoning, boxing and baling, serving 4,000+ loyal customers across 50 countries.”
— Raumak North America

SUWANEE, GEORGIA, U.S, January 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In 2014, Raumak Packaging expanded its presence to the United States, a significant milestone in its global journey. As part of the Raumak Group, a Brazilian company specializing in packaging machines, Raumak North America played a crucial role in shaping the solutions landscape over the past decade.

Founded in 1981 by entrepreneurs Raulino and Maura Kreis in their backyard as Metalúrgica Kreis, Raumak’s early years were characterized by manual work and a focus on serving local packaging companies. In a short period, the company achieved its first milestone by delivering its first semi-automatic bundling machine.

Raulino Kreis led the multifaceted operations of the company—creating, designing, selling, assembling, and installing equipment. In 1991, the company transformed, changing its name from Metalúrgica Kreis to Raumak Máquinas, emphasizing its dedication to machines as the central product.

Undergoing significant expansions and investing in logistics to better serve its clients, Raumak witnessed steady growth. In 1999, Raulino Kreis Junior assumed leadership, directing the company toward the international market. Recognizing the potential in the global market, Raumak began exporting its products in 2000, with a strategic vision and technological innovation.

The new CEO, Kreis Junior, marked his tenure with achievements such as the second expansion of the manufacturing facility, the launch of robotic lines, the opening of Raumak Metal, a steel distributor, and the first international milestone—a branch in the United States, along with commercial offices in Colombia and Mexico.

Raumak Packaging is known for its innovative solutions and unique designs in packaging, cartoning, boxing and baling. With over 4,000 loyal customers, more than 6,000 machines installed, and a global presence in 50 countries.

Focused on delivering solutions for the movement and packaging of products, Raumak Packaging celebrates a decade in the global market and envisions an even more promising future, aiming to expand its global presence further in the coming years.

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Raumak North America
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