Rapper Deveondi Quietly Blessed A Dozen Single Fathers With An Undisclosed Amount Of Money To Start Their Own Businesses

A source from Deveondi’s inner circle revealed that for the past six months the rapper has been anonymously seeking out single fathers to …

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is not a secret that mega stars often bless unsuspecting fans with gifts during the holidays.

However, not all of them wait until the end of the year to be a blessing. Hip Hop superstar Deveondi is not someone that we can say is normally in the media spotlight but a source from his inner circle revealed that for the past six months the rapper has been anonymously seeking out single fathers to help their start up businesses.

Deveondi, 40, donated to a dozen struggling single fathers in the U.S that have not been looking for a hand-out to get their business off the ground. The criteria was simple, just be a single father determined to build their business and leave a legacy for their children.

The Atlanta native knows exactly what it feels like to be a single father trying to provide for his own kid. Having the mindset of refusing handouts, refusing to settle by giving up his dream, or taking the easy out, Deveondi understand the drive and inner strength required to develop and manifest success. In 2020, Deveondi released song “Dear DJ (Once Upon A Time)” where he shedded some light on his own struggles as a single parent.

Media Music News tracked down one of the twelve single father entrepreneurs. In tears, he opened up to the media outlet and had this to say — “WOW this was a much needed surprise to help me build my business so that I can take care of my four kids after my wife passed away two years ago. Things have been so hard these past two years, but I never gave up on myself, my kids or my dream.”

According to the same source, the rapper is planning on doing it again in 2022 but is unclear if it will become a regular thing for him “I just want to spread hope and peace in a world where that is scarce. I promised myself that I would share my success and be that hope that others need. I want to be that reminder, on the long nights that their dream is reality and there is an energy force of support behind them”.

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