Ceata E. Lash, Founder, Inventor, and Co-CEO of PuffCuff

Ceata E. Lash graduated from this highly selective program and was chosen to speak at the graduation ceremony held at the Goldman Sachs headquarters in NYC.

That week in New York at Goldman Sachs headquarters was one of the best experiences I’ve had along this entrepreneurial journey.”
— Ceata E. Lash

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — PuffCuff Founder, Inventor, and Co-CEO, Ceata E. Lash, graduated from the Fall 2021 cohort of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program. In addition to the rigorous challenges and goals met, Lash was asked to speak during the graduation ceremony at the Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York City.

Lash joined the graduating cohort as 1 of 15 small business owners from Georgia, alongside more than 140 founders from 37 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The purpose of the program is to provide small business owners with the tools to further promote and build their business by assisting them in establishing short- and long-term goals and by developing a solid plan to achieve them.

“The 12 weeks building my growth plan was tough but so well worth it,” said Lash. “It was a serious challenge to stick with it while continuing to run my business. It felt like a small business cross-fit workout — a good burn and you may want to quit but you know the results will be well worth the pain.”

The highly selective program operates on an alumni recommendation status. After applications are submitted, the pool is narrowed as finalists advanced to the interview stage, after which only 164 scholars from around the country were accepted into the National Fall 2021 Cohort, of which about 140 graduated from the program. In addition to the skills learned and strengthened, participants use this opportunity to create connections and network to further solidify their support system.

Speaking on the graduation, Lash also said “that week in New York at Goldman Sachs headquarters was one of the best experiences I’ve had along this entrepreneurial journey.”

“The camaraderie with individuals who could empathize and speak the same language was so refreshing. Being able to be vulnerable and not feel embarrassed and totally supported by the Babson and Goldman Sachs staff, along with the other scholars was life-changing.”

Goldman Sachs, in collaboration with Babson College, developed the curriculum to focus on the practical business skills that small business owners can apply immediately, helping them gain the tools needed for growth. Since 2009, nearly 12,400 small business owners have completed the program.

Ceata E. Lash, Founder of PuffCuff:
When Ceata decided to change her lifestyle and make the transition from relaxed to natural hair, she discovered that it was impossible to find accessories to accommodate the thickness and texture of her hair. As she became more aware of other African American women making the same transition — all with similar hair texture and hairstyles, it became clear there was a similar need for an easy-to-use styling tool that would help achieve quick looks without stressing the hair. A little more research revealed that there were others — men and women with curly hair, locs, and braids — who were experiencing the same styling woes. Ceata became determined to create a solution and the concept of the PuffCuff was born. Inspired by the legacy of her loving grandmother, who lived to 99 years old, Ceata was inspired to follow her dreams and experience a full life just like her. PuffCuff LLC was launched in August of 2013. The first PuffCuff was available for purchase in February of 2014.

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