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PS Mobility Rentals, an up-and-coming mobility scooter rental company, is thrilled to announce its official launch for the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament.

PS…Never Miss Another Important Event!”
— PS Mobility Rentals Team

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, USA, March 28, 2024 / — PS Mobility Rentals
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PS Mobility Rentals, an up-and-coming mobility scooter rental company, is thrilled to announce its official launch during the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament from April 6 to April 14, 2024. Established on January 1, 2024, by disabled Latina sisters Julia Barbosa-Prather and Jody Smith, along with their retired, disabled veteran husbands Howard Prather & Jeffrey Smith, PS Mobility Rentals is dedicated to providing essential accessibility solutions for individuals with disabilities and those recovering from surgeries or serious injuries.

PS Mobility Rentals is deeply committed to serving the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) community as a family-owned and operated business. With 14 children between them, the co-founders understand the importance of providing accessible transportation options to enhance the quality of life for all residents. Their wish to utilize Lidl‘s grocery store property to set up a tent for the Masters Golf Tournament reflects their dedication to collaboration and community support.

Lidl, a renowned grocery store chain operated by the Schwarz Group, has been in business here in Augusta, GA, since 2017. They believe in supporting local businesses, veteran-owned organizations, and the neighborhood community at large. Their generous offer to host PS Mobility Rentals for the official launch of their business during the Masters Golf Tournament underscores their commitment to accessibility and community engagement.

“It is an honor to partner with Lidl for the launch of PS Mobility Rentals,” said Julia Barbosa-Prather, CEO of PS Mobility Rentals. Having previously worked in support of major events for over six years, I witnessed firsthand the need for accessibility solutions at happenings like the Masters. Our goal is not only to provide mobility services but also to positively impact our community.”

PS Mobility Rentals aims to address the deep-seated accessibility issues in the community by providing convenient access to mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, and other aids. Their long-term goal is to secure a storefront building with grants and philanthropic opportunities, further expanding their reach and impact in the CSRA.

“We understand that accessibility issues run deep in our community for a multitude of reasons, and we are committed to addressing them head-on,” said Jody Smith, Co-Founder of PS Mobility Rentals. “Whether someone is aging, disabled, or recovering from a surgery or injury, we want to provide mobility options to enhance their quality of life.”

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to set up a tent on Lidl’s property during the Masters Golf Tournament so patrons can conveniently pick up and drop off mobility scooters,” said Howard Prather, Co-founder of PS Mobility Rentals. This partnership with Lidl not only helps us reach a wider audience but also reinforces our commitment to serving the community.”

“Our goal is to enhance mobility for not only the residents of the CSRA but also those who are visiting from out of town!” said Jeffrey Smith, Co-Founder of PS Mobility Rentals. That is why our motto is PS…Never miss another important event!”

Christy Warren, Store Manager at Lidl, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Lidl is proud to support PS Mobility Rentals in their mission to enhance accessibility for all individuals in the CSRA. We believe in creating an inclusive environment and are delighted to be part of this initiative.”

PS Mobility Rentals & Lidl look forward to a successful partnership during the Masters Golf Tournament and beyond. PS Mobility Rentals wishes to express their heartfelt gratitude to Lidl for this valuable partnership opportunity. Together, they aim to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for individuals in the great Augusta metropolitan area.

For more information about PS Mobility Rentals or to inquire about rental options, please visit or contact or (706) 750-9553.

Julia Barbosa-Prather
Co-Founder, PS Mobility Rentals
(706) 750-9553

Jody Smith
Co-Founder, PS Mobility Rentals
(706) 750-9553

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