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HR Certified, organizer of the new PMSCP® 6 Week Virtual Course, announced their Certification Training event will be held between April 10th through May 15th

I love this in-depth PMSCP® training because I know that successful projects aren’t just about spreadsheets and timelines. It’s about people. Developing those essential soft skills, sets you apart.”
— Anthony P. Howard

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2024 / — HR Certified is thrilled to announce their upcoming 6-week virtual training course. It runs from April 10th through May 15th (4/10 – 5/15) and is designed to help professionals boost their leadership, change management, and overall project management skills.

This course is perfect for early-career project managers, those transitioning into the field, team members involved in projects, HR professionals, and recent graduates. This course will cover the fundamentals of project management, exploring different lifecycles and methodologies. But importantly, it’ll go beyond the technical side. This course emphasizes the “soft skills” – communication, conflict resolution, and people skills – that are absolutely essential for success, especially when leading teams through change. Students will learn how to practically apply these skills to real-world project scenarios, navigate challenges, and keep their teams collaborating effectively.

The PMSCP® certification stands out because it recognizes the power of soft skills in project success. While many certifications focus heavily on technical knowledge, the PMSCP® emphasizes the leadership and interpersonal skills that turn a good project manager into a great one. This makes it the perfect complement to more technical certifications, filling the gap that often exists in traditional project management training.

Earning the PMSCP® certification delivers benefits beyond a simple credential. It signifies the holder has developed essential skills, including:

• Masterful Communication: PMSCP®-certified professionals excel at conveying project goals clearly, building trust, and promoting positive team environments where everyone feels heard.

• Confident Change Management: They know how to navigate change within their team, minimizing disruptions and ensuring smooth transitions.

• Conflict Resolution Expertise: These professionals possess the tools to identify potential conflicts early, resolving them effectively while maintaining team morale.

• Elevated Leadership: A PMSCP®-certified professional becomes the leader that motivates, inspires, and drives their team towards successful project outcomes.

• Competitive Advantage: The PMSCP® demonstrates both technical project management competency and mastery of the crucial soft skills that give individuals a distinct edge in the job market.

Additionally, successful course completion and certification result in valuable continuing education credits: 4.2 CEUs, 42 PDUs, 42 HRCI Credits, 42 SHRM PDCs, and 42 ATD CI credits.

“I love this in-depth PMSCP® training because I know that successful projects aren’t just about spreadsheets and timelines,” says Anthony P. Howard, founder of HR Certified. “It’s about people. By developing those essential soft skills, you’ll set yourself apart and create projects that truly thrive.”

Full details about the course and registration can be found on the HR Certified website:

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