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Philadelphia born Southbox Capital now calls Atlanta home

I’ve been fortunate in that I back companies led by great management teams. I just invest and let them do what they do best, which is win”
— Jon Gosier

ATLANTA, GA, USA, February 19, 2022 / — Atlanta, GA – Atlanta-based private equity firm Southbox Capital has relaunched and is migrating its offices to Atlanta, GA.

The firm’s origins were in Philadelphia, PA where CEO Jon Gosier began strategically investing in tech companies like Philly-based companies EmployeeCycle. which specializes in HR Tech, REC Philly, a co-working space for creative professionals, and the New York based Audigent, a company he originally co-founded in Philly but also invested in that specializes in capturing entertainment fan data.

Though it has a tech heavy portfolio, Southbox makes clear that it’s not a venture capital fund and doesn’t plan to be. Rather, the company employs multiple investment strategies across a wider spectrum of industry. According to KPMG in 2021 private equity firms put $1 trillion dollars to work overall. Only about a quarter of that, $287 billion, went into tech deals.

“I previously worked in venture capital, it’s a great space, but I realized I had more access to deal flow than just the tech companies that tend to be the bread and butter of most VCs,” Jon said. “At Southbox we are focusing on strategic alignment with the companies in our portfolio, their management teams, and want to support their long-term growth to exit.”

The company plans to continue its investment strategy and acquisitions across industry including tech, media and entertainment, consumer electronics, mobile, real-estate, life sciences, and others.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle recently reported the firm had an estimated $40 million in assets under management, the culmination of Jon’s deal-making activity over the past six years.

“I’ve never raised much outside capital, I just invested when I could with mostly my own money. I’ve been fortunate in that I back companies led by great management teams,” Jon said of his investment-style, “I just invest and let them do what they do best, which is win.”
Perhaps as a timely example of this, one company in Southbox’s portfolio recently filed its S1 in anticipation of its IPO while several others are in discussions for acquisition.

“It’s pretty remarkable. I remember when most of these companies were just big ideas in their respective founder’s heads. Now they are poised to become industry leaders of tomorrow. I’m rooting for them all.”

Southbox Capital’s new Atlanta office is planned for an area of downtown under re-development near Mercedes Benz Stadium.

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