Predictive Oncology Addresses Gap
in Bringing Cancer Drugs to Market

Predictive Oncology (NASDAQ:POAI)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2022 / — It can take 12-15 years to bring a drug to market. And less than 8% of all cancer drugs that enter Phase 1 clinical trials are ultimately approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A 92% rate of failure means billions of dollars and thousands of hours wasted. Enter Predictive Oncology.

The only company to pair AI with the world’s largest biobank
Predictive Oncology is creating a paradigm shift by closing this gap. The company is proving it has the power to help develop cancer drugs in a way that has never been done before by pairing its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology with the world’s largest commercial biobank of tumor samples for oncology drug discovery totaling more than 150,000 and more than 130 cancer types. By going beyond the resources companies currently use in the early drug discovery phase (data, blood samples, cell lines, tissue samples and/or animal testing), Predictive Oncology is the only company to bring this human element forward prior to clinical trials by using real tumor samples.

Increasing value
With the company’s recent release of its Proof-of-Concept study, Predictive Oncology has validated that this platform, called PeDAL, can predict if a cancer tumor sample will respond to a certain drug compound with a statistically significant 92% accuracy. Possible clients are taking notice. Predictive Oncology is in conversation with several pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Combined with the launch of a highly strategic marketing program, the company is demonstrating strong potential.

“With the expected pipeline, Predictive Oncology is an investment that is proving to show a promising future. We are confident the time to buy is now,” says Keith Pinter, CEO of Landon Capital.

Analyst assessment
Litchfield Hills and Wainwright Research have given Predictive Oncology a $5 price target.

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