B!ATCH Tequila introduces original bottle design at inaugural tasting event

The Rosa

The Reposado

The Añejo

The Extra Añejo

B!ATCH Tequila introduces its premium tequila and original bottle design to exclusively women tastemakers, invited to the B!ATCH fight for women empowerment.

Our goal is to make 50 women millionaires.”
— Sue Hrib, B!ATCH Tequila co-founder

ATLANTA, GA, USA, October 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — New premium tequila brand aims to make 50 women millionaires. Made for women, by women, B!ATCH Tequila sets their plan in motion at the inaugural tasting event, the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 26. An exclusive guest list leverages B!ATCH Tequila’s women empowerment mission. No boys allowed.

B!ATCH Tequila hopes to satisfy this mission by inviting only women investors as partners to the company. Welcomed guests have the opportunity to join B!ATCH Tequila co-founders Sue “Aunt Sue” Hrib and Dr. Irina Kogan, along with their chief of branding, Julie Low, in empowering generations of women.

“Our goal is to make 50 women millionaires,” shares Aunt Sue, B!ATCH Tequila co-founder. “We’ve created an opportunity for women tastemakers to invest in a brand in exchange for equity of the company. Consequently, an ecosystem of trusted advisors will follow.”

That won’t be the only buzz of the night. An advance tasting of the inaugural tequila release will be the crowning jewel, with a crown bottle topper to prove it. There’s nothing basic about these B!ATCH bottles; the Rosa and Reposado tequila bottles are flushed in bright pink and red hues; the Añejo bottle drips shimmering silver crystals, while the Extra Añejo bottle is emboldened in deep red under its crystal-encrusted exterior. Each type of tequila comes in its respective lip-shaped bottle, adorned with a metal hang tag.

These slightly sweet, 100% agave, sipping tequilas are expertly crafted in Mexico. Guests can enjoy their first taste of B!ATCH Tequila straight, or in a classic cocktail with a B!ATCH attitude.

Drinks aside, a tequila-infused menu awaits B!ATCHes and B!ATCHes-to-be. The curated menu is compliments of Atlanta-based private chef, Chef Marlo with desserts by C L Butler’s Cupcakery.

The exclusive tequila tasting comes ahead of the brand’s first product release, anticipated for spring 2023.

For all local press inquiries, or to submit an editorial tasting request, please contact Zara Zeigerman at 201-994-5875, or Vivian Roach at 614-315-4421. Images available upon request.

About Boss Babe Brands, Inc.
B!ATCH Tequila’s parent company Boss Babe Brands, Inc. is founded by successful entrepreneur and women-owned business investor, Sue “Aunt Sue” Hrib. B!ATCH Tequila is made by women, for women to feed the feminine urge to be a boss B!ATCH. B!ATCH Tequila is on a mission to build a community of independent women, who break barriers when they join forces. Similarly, the tequila’s taste, aroma, body, color and finish can all surely hold their own, but when they come together, are unlike any other.

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