The central themes of this devotional emanate from Genesis 1:26-27 and Isaiah 43:7, 21. The first theme is that we are created in God’s image and likeness. The second topic emphasizes worship – glorifying praising, thanking, and adoring God.

A Thirty-One-Day Devotional; A guide to fulfill the true purpose in life

If people genuinely commit their minds and bodies to function to praise God, only then can they become the beings that God intended them to be.”
— Ralford Jones

JOHNSON, GA, USA, October 21, 2022 / — Ralford Jones, author of the book, guides people on a one-month-long journey to best use the human body to fulfill God’s true purpose for each person’s life.

The book is intended to help people focus on using their bodies to praise God. Humans usually get sidetracked from reality and purpose in life while allowing themselves to drift far away from God. The heart, mind, and soul are intended to praise God and thank Him for the beautiful life that He has bestowed the people. The book is designed to help people practice life’s fundamental aspects and purpose.

Check out the book and start practicing praising God. Praising God for Our Intelligent Design: A thirty-one-day devotional.

The book tells people about the burdens that they face in their lives. The book says that God burdens those people with problems who can deal with them so they know they are warriors. The mind is the powerhouse that controls the whole body, so by holding the reason, people can use their eyes, mouth, and ears to absorb and praise all of God’s blessings.

The author Ralford Jones quoted in his interview on Spotlight Network TV hosted by Emmy-Award Journalist – Logan Crawford, “ This book is designed to develop a practice of remembering that we are awesomely made.”

If people genuinely commit their minds and bodies to function to praise God, only then can they become the beings that God intended them to be. People need to understand the impact of harsh words, which can hurt others which is not the true purpose. The true goal is to praise God and His blessings. The soul and mind in sync can be a powerful weapon to help find life’s true meaning.

It’s a self-help book for Christianity and personal growth. The author studied theology (study of the nature of God and religious belief) and Psychology. Ralford observed humans in different development stages, making him think people are wasting their God-giving powers. The idea behind this book was to talk about the human body’s potential and the true intention behind those possibilities. In this process, the author was inspired by God to write the book.

This devotion encourages people to efficiently use all the body parts, whether the mind, mouth, or eyes, to fulfill the true purpose in life, that is, to praise God while focusing on the body as a physical and spiritual entity. A person should flow with God’s power so the praise can be more audacious and creative.

The central theme of the book comes from Genesis and Isaiah. The primary piece depicts that all beings are created according to the commands and wishes of God. The second theme strongly emphasizes worshiping and praising God to thank Him for all the wonders and blessings in the world.

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