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The Posh Academy introduces an enriching draping experience to Multiple States through the “Raising the Bar” Premium Draping Masterclass Tour.

Anything’s Poshable when Staying Positive!”
— Precious Stevens

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 / — The Posh Academy, under the visionary leadership of Precious Stevens, proudly introduces the “Raising the Bar” Premium Draping Masterclass Tour. This enriching draping experience is designed to refine the skills of creative entrepreneurs in event draping, wedding decor, and backdrop design. The journey kicks off in Atlanta and extends to various destinations, including Jacksonville, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Jackson, Mississippi; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; and Birmingham, Alabama.

Recognized as an industry leader, The Posh Academy aims to assist creative entrepreneurs in enhancing their event design skills. The “Raising the Bar” Premium Draping Masterclass Tour encompasses coaching, virtual and hands-on training, and access to premium products, empowering participants to elevate their expertise.

Precious Stevens, known as “The Draping Queen,” transitioned from the corporate world to the event industry in 2016, driven by a passion for elegant drapery. This journey led to the establishment of The Posh Academy in 2018, providing mentorship and draping instruction. Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Precious’s resilience led to the expansion of The Posh Network in 2021, allowing aspiring designers to learn premium draping affordably and engagingly.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Precious infuses her creative innovations with a distinctive “POSH” flavor. The “Raising the Bar” Premium Draping Masterclass Tour reflects her dedication to fostering a community of thriving creatives, emphasizing more than skills enhancement—a journey toward integrity, purpose, and faith.

“Anything’s Poshable when Staying Positive!” defines the motivation of Precious Stevens in launching the “Raising the Bar” Premium Draping Masterclass Tour. This guiding mantra emphasizes the transformative power of positivity in event design. As envisioned by Precious Stevens, ‘The Draping Queen,’ the tour aims to elevate technical skills and cultivate a thriving community of creatives. Participants are encouraged to adopt this mindset, ensuring a journey that enhances draping proficiency and contributes to a vibrant, flourishing community.

This opportunity caters to individuals aiming to enhance their expertise by acquiring insights into premium pricing strategies, attracting higher-paying clients, and establishing a distinctive presence within the industry. The Posh Academy provides a platform for individuals to explore and understand how adopting a positive outlook can positively impact their draping skills and contribute to their professional growth. Participants are encouraged to engage with The Posh Academy to gain valuable knowledge and insights to elevate their proficiency in event draping.

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