The four stories by Bahman Akhavan illustrate universal themes of romance, relations with family, conflicts risen through politics, love, and families.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / — Bahman Akhavan, an ingenious author of Persian descent, has released the first volume of his Persian Wars anthology titled ‘Home and Away’. The book is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book stores worldwide.

Deeply rooted in Persian literature, history, and tradition, the book highlights the essence of reality and the truth of life. Reading the book will let you know that Persians are complex people with an ancient history and rich culture. They have experienced social and psychological transitions. Being resilient and extremely adaptive, Persian families have emigrated to all parts of the world to adapt, assimilate, and reinvent themselves. The stories demonstrate how well they blend within any society and have inherited the customs and lifestyles of the community where they live. Furthermore, the author states how a catalyst for this transformative realization has positively or negatively impacted their behavior, attitude, and relationships.

The Persian Wars opens a gateway to an ancient Persian culture, the lives of Iranian individuals and families from different backgrounds and settings, struggling with their conflicts, challenges, crises, relationships, and identities. The stories elucidate the impact of cultural diversity and liberalism on Persian families that adversely affected social behavior and traditional family values.

Akhavan hopes to inspire readers to understand the intricacies of life and enable them to overcome their daily struggles. The book is a must-read for the Persian community, other minorities living outside of Iran, and anybody curious about or interested in other cultures. Readers will find these heart-touching stories that captivate our hearts and stay there forever!

The stories elucidate how Iranians tried to keep a good relationship with other people. They have faced cataclysmic wars, natural disasters, and now economic sanctions! Their history has been a roller coaster through glories and calamities. Yet, they have survived, adapted, and incorporated strife into their culture that has re-blossomed over and over in the course of a millennium!

Stylistically, this book uses many metaphors and references that could be applied universally, as well as leitmotifs that create a unifying thread! It is a good motivational book that hands you the tools you need to help you succeed. This is what categorizes it as a great life-changing book.

About the Author
Bahman Akhavan is a Persian artist and writer who has lived in the USA for over 50 years. The writer believes in eliminating the differences between cultures. The author states that to do this, we must remove ourselves from the prejudices that plague us, opening our minds to new opportunities and tolerance of differences that arise from global cultures.

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