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Two business and financial literacy experts team up to bring tax education and entrepreneurship to the masses.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2022 / — PBC Management, founded by Aliman Neal, is a financial literacy, management, and business consulting company. Priscilla Racquel is a wealth strategist who has helped her clients secure over 2.3 million dollars of funding. Now, these two business heavyweights have announced their partnership, bringing PGU to the Atlanta Area with PGU Tax Academy. This collaboration was born from the desire to help people maximize their potential to achieve business goals. Both Neal and Priscilla recognized that they could help their communities get a leg up, not just on tax season, but on their overall financial security.

When asked why she started PGU Tax Academy, Priscilla Racquel, Also known as Posh, had this to say. “I started PGU because, in the line of work I’m in, my clients had horror stories about why they couldn’t qualify for capital for their business. The problem was that their tax preparer didn’t put the correct information down. So per usual, I found a solution.”

PGU Tax Academy is now being offered as a course from Posh University. Students can learn in-depth tax training, how to operate professional tax software, and get mentored by Posh and her team on how to own and operate a tax preparation business. There are multiple levels of enrollment depending on what the student wants.

The “Freshman Package” offers new students a 50/50 split on ownership.

The “Dean Package” will be an 80/20 ownership split and includes more in-depth training.

There is also a non-partnership package available.

PBC Management has agreed to sponsor twenty-five deserving students to receive training for the upcoming tax season.

Founder Aliman Neal says, “I truly believe in the work Priscilla is doing across the country and would like to add support to her efforts. PBC Management is founded on the principles of financial literacy and education. We believe that these tools can help any person be able to navigate in any economic climate.”

For sponsorship information, please contact with the subject “Tax Sponsorship” or text “ATL” to 1-888-318-2241.

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