GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2023 / — The founder and CEO of The Mom Plug LLC, Mylashia, is making waves in the industry with customized strategies, mentorship, and a passion for helping mothers succeed.

Passhun Mylashia is an Atlanta-based business professional and proud mother of three girls. While motherhood is an important aspect of her life, it does not define her as a person. Mylashia is also a loving daughter, devoted sister, trusted best friend, and supportive wife.

With each birth of her daughters, Mylashia’s vision for empowering women became clearer, and she further developed as a woman. Recognizing the potential in various fields, she founded The Mom Plug, a service that offers support to working moms, entrepreneurs, and small business owners looking to enhance their online presence.

The Mom Plug is a revolutionary platform founded that provides a safe and non-judgmental community for women who challenge traditional motherhood norms. The platform offers an inclusive space where women can connect, share their experiences, and be their authentic selves. As a testament to unwavering dedication to empowering women, she has also launched Plug Closet by The Mom Plug. The online boutique offers a diverse range of premium fashion collections, including luxury and badass collections that cater to the unique fashion tastes of women. She also have multiple collaborations with many featured ULTA and Sephora beauty brands along with emerging online businesses.

With a strong focus on social strategies, Passhun Mylashia and The Mom Plug team provide expert guidance to navigate the challenges faced by women in modern society. The Mom Plug offers an unmatched experience that empowers women to break free from societal expectations and embrace their true selves. Her packages are tailored to fit every budget, and she provides a comprehensive roadmap to help her clients achieve their digital marketing goals. With her expertise and dedication to helping others succeed, it’s no wonder why Mylashia and The Mom Plug are making waves in the industry.

Passhun Mylashia’s mission is to help working moms and mompreneurs thrive in their businesses by providing quality services and mentorship. With her years of experience in digital marketing, she has successfully helped over 100 clients achieve success through organic social media. Her dedication to delivering results is evident in the tools and strategies she provides her clients to help them grow their businesses and increase sales. Mylashia’s expertise in the digital marketing sphere has also led her to collaborate with several industry-leading brands, making her a valuable asset to any team.

As an entrepreneur and digital marketing guru, Mylashia is passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. To achieve this, she offers Social Marketing Coaching & Growth programs to support her clients on their journey towards success. Mylashia’s expertise in coaching and mentoring has helped many individuals just starting their digital marketing journey to achieve success and take their businesses to the next level. Her passion for empowering entrepreneurs and business owners is what makes her a highly sought-after professional in the industry.

Passhun Mylashia’s skillset, knowledge, and experience have made her a leader in the digital marketing industry. As a content strategist and writer, she understands the importance of creating effective, engaging content that can reach potential customers organically. Mylashia’s dedication to helping others succeed is evident in her role as a mentor to social media influencers and entrepreneurs. She provides guidance in growing their online presence and sales, helping them to achieve success in their businesses.

Mylashia’s professionalism, knowledge, and business acumen make her the go-to expert for digital marketing. As a trendsetter in her field, she is helping women globally to promote their businesses, increase sales, and make a meaningful impact in the world. Her passion for empowering women and fostering uncensored support has earned her the admiration of many, making her a highly sought-after professional in the industry.

Passhun Mylashia is a woman on a mission to redefine the mompreneur stereotype. She shares her knowledge and experiences with her community, inspiring women to step out of their comfort zones, pursue their goals and dreams, and become the best version of themselves. Mylashia’s unwavering dedication to empowering women has made her an unstoppable force in the industry.

Mylashia is passionate about helping moms break free from the limitations of motherhood and achieve greatness. She believes that every woman has the potential to succeed, and she is spreading a message of self-love, self-care, and sisterhood to help them. With her guidance and support, women and mothers can understand the importance of prioritizing their own needs and well-being while pursuing their dreams.

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