The OXOS Platform

The OXOS Platform on a mobile device

OXOS Platform and Micro C provide users with a native, seamless, enterprise imaging platform to drive better productivity for patients and physicians.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2022 / — OXOS Platform gives physicians the power to leverage best-in-class technology to instantly access radiographic images and studies, taken on OXOS devices, from anywhere. The platform redefines expectations for seamless care and delivers improved access and efficiency for patients and providers. OXOS Platform enables access to robust radiographic tools everywhere, from the physicians’ pocket to enterprise workstations.

What is the OXOS Platform?
OXOS Platform is a cloud-based integration and archival system that securely stores all radiographic studies and dynamic x-ray captures. Physicians can access studies on their mobile devices immediately after capture, enabling a variety of fast, seamless, and easy-to-use workflows without on-device management. The platform is HIPPA-compliant and builds on OXOS’s industry-leading medical security and encryption technologies. OXOS Platform is available now on iOS, Android, and the web.

Patients and providers are continually frustrated by the legacy image-sharing process. Patients have to bring their images on CDs or printed paper copies from provider to provider. Medical facilities struggle with disc handling and integration into the provider’s on-site PACS, a Picture Archiving and Communication System. This slow, manual process creates numerous interoperability challenges and frustrates all parties involved. With OXOS Platform’s native HIPAA-compliant sharing solutions, these inefficient processes are a thing of the past, allowing patients and providers to manage sharing with intuitive, modern tools.

OXOS Platform is fully interoperable with existing medical imaging infrastructure and systems. OXOS bridges existing PACS servers and other DICOM-compatible systems with accessible, secure, cloud-based mobile and web applications. With native integration into on-site Modality Worklists (MWL), patient lookup and management is easy and simplifies accurate study creation. OXOS Platform operates seamlessly with all major electronic health record (EHR) systems, such as EPIC, Cerner, and Athena.

OXOS Platform makes patient care seamless and efficient for providers seeking high-quality, safe, radiographic images by removing the hassle and providing a simplified workflow. What used to be difficult for patients can now be done in a way that is comparable to how they use standard technology in their daily lives. Sharing x-rays is no longer time-consuming and tedious—OXOS is making it efficient and straightforward for everyone.

Opening New Diagnostic Workflows
OXOS Platform provides users the ability to access native diagnostic x-ray interpretation services on demand and directly on the Micro C device—a first in the industry. OXOS’s native teleradiology services can provide 60-minute standard, and 30-minute stat reads directly to the operator with a single button click. OXOS Platform gives providers access to world-class teleradiology without the expense of technical integrations at each facility.

The OXOS Platform is Available Now
OXOS Platform is available to all OXOS devices immediately. To schedule a demo or set up OXOS for your practice, please contact your local distributor or OXOS directly. For more information about OXOS’s suite of radiographic imaging instruments, please book a demo today at

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