The F Word

Angie Renee’

This Book Teaches You How.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2021 / — Nuance Publishing is excited to announce the release of The F Word: How to Own Your Femininity and Use it to Your Advantage book by Angie Renee’ on November 4, 2021.

This book debunks all myths about being feminine! Being feminine is not about wearing dresses, or heels, but about the essence of our being—what we naturally should exude, no matter what attire we have on.

In The F Word, Angie Renee’ teaches women how to identify their masculine traits, why they adopted those behaviors to begin with, and how to tone down the hardness and step into their divine femininity. Your softness attracts the upper echelon that you deserve. This book teaches you how to access it and own it.

“As long as we acknowledge the fact that we may have had it wrong all these years and weren’t taught about femininity, we can hold our head high. Be confident in knowing that only you are in control of you and no one else. Be confident in knowing that what another person thinks about you is none of your business. Be extremely confident in knowing that owning your femininity and using it to your advantage is one of the best qualities you could ever have!” –Angie Renee’

Angie Renee’ is an author, speaker, and publisher who has a no-nonsense approach to empowering women to become the woman who God created them to be—the kind of Goddess that would bring any man to his knees. Those who work with Angie appreciate her ability to get the job done (and look good doing it) while remaining down to earth. She speaks a language to women that they not only recognize, but deeply resonate with as well.

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