One More Plus for Sustainability: SemiCab Inc Joins U.S.A. EPA SmartWayⓇ Transport Furthering Commitment to Carbon Reduction

We’re thrilled to have a partnership with SmartWay Transport that ensures we’re always working toward our shared goal of moving goods efficiently.”
— Ajesh Kapoor, Co-Founder of SemiCab

ATLANTA, GA, USA, November 28, 2022 / — SemiCab Inc, North America’s only Collaborative Transportation Platform, today announced that it joined the SmartWay® Transport Partnership, an innovative collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and industry that provides a framework to assess the environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement supply chains.

SemiCab will contribute to the Partnership’s savings of 336 million barrels of oil, $44.8 billion on fuel costs,143 million metric tons of CO2, 2.7 million short tons of NOx, and 112,000 short tons of PM. This is equivalent to eliminating annual energy use in over 21 million homes. By joining SmartWay Transport Partnership, SemiCab showcases, once again, its strong environmental leadership and corporate responsibility.

The SemiCab platform enables improved sustainability measures through Orchestrated Collaboration®. Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors on the SemiCab platform benefit from predictive optimization technology which continuously connects the dots across their multiple networks. This is how we eliminate the addition of 30 million metric tons of CO2 to the environment, by reducing unnecessary empty miles, together.

“SemiCab was born out of the need to address the decades-old inefficiencies and volatility in the transportation industry, and sustainability is a huge part of that,” said Ajesh Kapoor, SemiCab Inc. CEO. “30% of miles driven today are empty miles, and that is something we intend to fix. We’re thrilled to have a partnership with SmartWay Transport that ensures we’re always working toward our shared goal of moving goods efficiently.”

Developed jointly in early 2003 by EPA and Charter Partners represented by industry stakeholders, environmental groups, American Trucking Associations, and Business for Social Responsibility, this innovative program was launched in 2004. Partners rely upon SmartWay tools and approaches to track and reduce emissions and fuel use from goods movement.

The Partnership currently has nearly 4,000 Partners including shippers, logistics companies, truck, rail, barge, and multimodal carriers.

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